I finally dropped Starry Sky. I’m sorry but honestly, I find it boring since it’s playing the usual cliches found in every romance story. Sure the guys are hot and their voices are sexy (even though they’re voiced by my favorite seiyuus). But how the staff presented the story of each guy is weak and cheesy. It really didn’t catch my attention at all. You know what? I rather play the game instead. I’m sorry that I really have to drop this but convince me if this anime is really worth watching.

Sorry for my rambling. Now, when there’s no other anime I can watch, I decided to watch another Jdrama. And this one got my attention.

It’s called Keizoku 2: SPEC. There’s also the original Keizoku released in 1999 but I never watched it. However, the premise is the same: 2 detectives solve cases which the other police find it very difficult. In this show, we have Saya Toma (played by Erika Toda) who is an eccentric but genius detective who really likes to eat. She sometimes disrespects authority and talks back when someone badmouths her. But since she’s a genius, she can put the pieces of evidence together to form a logical conclusion about the case. Her left arm is in a sling due to a previous case. She is partners with Takeru Sebumi (played by Ryo Kase) who is formerly the squad leader of the SIT (they’re similart to the SWAT). He was transferred to the department where Toma works (called Mishou) after an incident regarding his subordinate and friend, Yusaku Shimura. He is serious and straightforward. He’s very annoyed to Toma’s behavior but eventually, he trusts her intuition. Despite their differences, they both work together to solve the cases which involves SPEC  or people with special abilities (e.g.: telekinesis, foresight, stopping time).

This show has an anime-feel. Toma is a ditzy genius who gets excited about food and other things while Sebumi is like Kyon who usually points out the obvious to Toma with regards to trivial things. The other characters were all right and funny too. Yes, there’s comedy, action and even drama. So far, there’s no romance yet most especially between Toma and Sebumi which can really weird if these two started going out with each other. Also, it’s a good thing that these two are ordinary people because it might be lame if these two have special abilities.

Though I  find it funny that whenever these two go out on a case, they usually bring a luggage bag (for Toma) and paper bag (for Sebumi). I was wondering why they keep bringing those until I found out that that’s where they kept  the evidence, warrents, firearms (for Sebumi) and cellphones (for Toma, yes, she has many cell phones). Also, I get hungry whenever Toma orders and eats gyoza (dumplings).

If this show is an anime, then, I would definitely enjoy it. But this J-drama is better.