BTW, Michael made a good analysis on the show most especially on the symbolism of the cards and the characters in the Financial District.


Well, in the first half, Kimimaro won while his teacher lost. It turns out that the teacher is fighting for his family too since his wife is expecting on having a third child. However, Kimimaro found out that after his teacher got bankrupt, his kids are gone without a trace and his wife doesn’t even remember having kids. OUCH! So, that’s the price of being bankrupt. I wonder what Kimimaro’s dad lost when he got bankrupt. At least, the teacher didn’t hold any grudge against Kimimaro. Instead, he encourages him to join Mikuni’s group, The Starlight Guild.

Now, what is this Starlight Guild? Realizing how being bankrupt can effect an entre’s life in the real world, Mikuni and the other entres thought investing each other during the deal. That way, the effect of getting bankrupt will not be very big in the real world.

Q hates to see Mikuni’s waistcoat go into shreds.

Anyway, what’s more awesome in this episode is Mikuni’s fight. I noticed that he has other assets asides from Q. And Q, wow, she’s going berserk when  Mikuni is going to lose.

Now, Kimimaro has a goal in the Financial District. Srsly, he almost ended being the a boring character (a person with no motivation). BTW, I’m starting to like Mikuni.