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The video has no relations to the Ao no Exorcist due to obvious reasons (a robot, a spaceship and the members floating in zero gravity). But I would imagine Rin and the boys dancing like them just like in the ED. I find it funny actually. But this video is fairly disappointing since it just shows the 2PM members doing random stuff in the spaceship.

However, I find it ridiculous of people bashing K-Pop over J-Pop most especially on the recent Oricon charts where the no.1 song is by a Korean artist. I know that Korea (both of North and South) and Japan don’t come in good terms when it comes to  politics and history.  But come on, the Japanese consumers are buying K-Pop albums which means that they like listening to their music. But it does not mean that they’re not supporting their own local artists. They still support them like for many times (you can get tired of seeing most of AKB84’s singles and Arashi’s singles in the chart for past months). It’s a matter of taste, actually. But comparing K-Pop and J-Pop is ridiculous.