Apparently, this episode is very faithful to the chapter of introducing Shiemi.

Rin is supposed to be reading Tegami Bachi but they changed it since it’s aired on a different channel.

Short summary: Rin and Yukio went to the store to buy some materials. Yukio told Rin not to wander while he buys some stuff. Rin stumbled into a garden where he saw Shiemi. The latter was scared of him since he touched the Warding Gate, which reacted when demons touched it and calls him a demon. Rin is pissed for calling him that even though he is a demon by nature. But he noticed that Shiemi cannot use her legs to run. Later, Rin helped her dig a hole and Shiemi realized that Rin is actually a nice guy though hotblooded. She tells him that the garden belongs to her late grandma, who died in an accident. Her grandma told her about the Garden of Amahana, a heaven for plants and that Shiemi dreams of going there.

Meanwhile, Yukio finds out that Shiemi is unable to walk due to a Spirit Wound and that she must have contacted a demon. Her mom thinks that the garden is dangerous and this resulted an argument between her and her daughter. Then, it is revealed that after her grandma’s death, a demon (who is posing as a flower) talked to Shiemi and told her that she will bring her to the Garden of Amahana. It seems that Shiemi feels guilty for letting her grandma die and this also affects Rin too. Later, Rin tells Shiemi to get a hold of herself and tells that if her grandma really wants her to stay in the garden forever. Yukio learns that the demon is not a powerful one and that he will exorcise it in no time. But the demon got pissed that Shiemi is breaking her promise and then took her as a hostage. So, Rin and Yukio worked together to defeat the demon and Shiemi is saved. Shiemi and her mom got back together. And the next day, Shiemi transfers to True Cross Exorcist Cram School which surprises Rin and it seems that Shiemi has a huge crush on Yukio.

I’m actually more interested on the next episode since it’s about Bon \m/.