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Since the Spring 2011 anime started, I started to get bored during Tuesdays up to Thursdays. So, I’ve found 3 shows which pique my interests. And yet, these shows were underrated by the mainstream viewers.

Himitsu: Top Secret

Also called Himitsu- The Revelation. The story is set in five decades from now, though it looks like the setting on the present time. The Tokyo Metropolitan Police’s Section Nine begins using a new method to solve crimes through the MRI system in which they scan the brains of criminals and victims and retrieve their memories. The show is told in an episodic manner and yet, it’s very similar to all of the forensic and police shows that I’ve watched. But I think it’s very similar to Cold Case since they’re also looking into the person’s past. I know that there’s a manga version of this one but I only saw one chapter.

Nijuu Mensou no Musume

Show is set on the 1950’s after WWII. It tells about Chizuko Mikamo, or Chiko, who lives a miserable life with her relatives, who were trying to poison her just to get the inheritance left by her dead parents. One day, she is taken by the renowned thief, Twenty Faces (or Nijuu Mensou) and she decided to join him and his band of merry thieves. For 2 years, she was trained by them to become a skilled thief and indirectly, Twenty Faces’ successor. However, due to a tragedy, Chiko is separated from Twenty Faces and is forced to go back to relatives’ house. Later, she is being hunted down by those who were also after Twenty Faces’ “legacy” and it is at this point that she began to uncover her mentor’s tragic past. I know  Chiko is the main lead here but I have my eyes on Twenty Faces since he’s like Lupin. And yeah, Twenty Faces is like the Japanese version of Lupin but not really goofy like Lupin the Third.


Obvious by the title itself, it’s all about a bartender named Ryuu Sasakura, who is good mixing drinks and sprites. He runs this bar called Eden Hall which is not very noticeable by passer-bys. People who come in his bar (whether rich or poor) have issues in life (like all people have in real life) and through Sasakura’s drinks and guidance, they reflect on it and decide on what to do. Blame Homer Simpson’s quote, “To alcohol: the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems!” Yeah, I seldom drink alcohol though I did drink Tequila Sunrise and Red Wine Punch before. BTW, this show is very educational and it may convince you to drink. Also, at the credits, they show you recipes of different cocktails like the Grasshopper and Nikolaschika. I know that it’s based from the manga and it recently has a live-action version starring Masaki Aiba of Arashi.