Not only investing the other guild members during the deal, Mikuni also points out that winning in a small margin can minimize the effects of being bankrupt in the real world. He also pointed out that you have to understand your opponent and also yourself when making deals.

So, Kimimaro makes a deal with another entre and here, he applies what Mikuni told him. Well, he lost and the driver who brought him to the Financial District told him that even though it’s a minimal lost, it still has an effect on the real. So, Kimimaro checks everything to see if anyone close to him (his aunt and Hanabi) is okay. I don’t know if Hanabi can do something for his future. Srsly, Kimimaro, what’s up with that? You’re not even dating her.

But I felt bad for his teacher. Not only he lost his kids but also his wife. And that old guy who fought Mikuni in the last episode? It seems that his company is about to go bankrupt. But then, Mikuni steps up and bought his company so that the effects brought by the losing the deal in the Financial District won’t affect thousands of people. Mikuni continues teaching Kimimaro about the Financial District. Even though he sees the bad side of the District and the Midas money, “It’s better to live in a dirty peaceful world than a clean world with nothing to eat. If you can’t stop the system, might as well use it to your advantage.”

It’s weird that you’re feeding your “card” with ramen.

I don’t consider Mikuni as the bad guy here. But he’s more in the grey area. However, Jennifer and the IMF (yes, that IMF. INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND. How can viewers cannot notice it?) thinks that the Midas money is bad. But her boss still thinks that the Midas money has its importance to the economy.

I’ll have Midas money instead.

Anyway, I like the interaction between Mashu and Kimimaro most especially when Mashu is curious about Kimimaro, eating. And in return, Kimimari gave her some ramen. XD