It’s a common trope in most media that a guy with ear piercings and dyed hair mean that he’s a punk and he’s stupid. But for Ryuji “Bon” Suguro, he’s not….

You see?

Bon happens to be a top student with a determined goal: to defeat Satan. Same goal as Rin which is why there’s a rivalry between them.

Sengoku Basara- Exorcist version
Bon hates Rin for being a slacker and Rin hates Bon for being boastful. But Rin learned from Bon’s two best friends, Shima and Miwa that Bon had a rough time during his childhood. He’s from a Buddhist temple which was burned down by Satan and most of its occupants died. His dad  is now the head priest of the temple after that incident. But no one wants to go to the temple anymore because it’s cursed and Bon feels bad about it.

It’s been a while to see Bon’s dad after reading the latest manga chapters
So, Bon swears to become an Exorcist so that he could kick Satan’s ass. But everybody find his goal a joke which really pissed him off. However, Rin understands his goal since he’s also in the same ring as him. But, it’s more like a finders-keepers thing to see who gets to kick Satan’s ass first. BTW, after the credits, they show the scene of Bon giving his hairpin to Rin as a sign of gratitude in which Bon blushed XD
In other news, we get to meet Amaimon, Demon Prince of Gehanna, who happens to be Mephisto’s brother. And yes, Mephisto is also Rin’s older brother. However, Mephisto has another plans for Rin.
Until now, Mephisto’s goals remain unknown (in the manga) and like I said, Mephisto is a kind of person who you wouldn’t trust.

So, next episode is an anime original episode.