Ever since the earthquake and tsunami, Japan has fallen into recession. But hey, Japan rose again as a powerful country after WWII. So, yeah, Japan will rise up again. For now, let’s see if the entres can do something to restore their country again.

Aaahh! I don’t want to end up like Mami!

Jennifer investigates an entre named Kou Sennoza who will be Kimimaro’s next opponent. Meanwhile Kimimaro is fighting Charlotte and is about to get his head cut offa bear-like asset but Mashu saves him. After the deal, Mashu comments how Kimimaro has improved. Then, the two eat some ramen together. Funny to see Mashu eating ramen and then, Senoza butts in and comments how cute she is. LOL, Kimimaro looks jealous.

Maybe she should star in a noodle commercial

But Sennoza actually wants to meet Kimimaro. Knowing  all of Kimimaro’s finances, Sennoza tells him to pass the deal if he doesn’t want to lose something in reality. Apparently, Kimimaro is confused about this and then he realized that this guy is famous because he is like the Mother Teresa version of Bill Gates.

So, this guy is a member of Arashi?!

Later, Jennifer kidnappedasked Kimimaro to come with her. She told her how bad the Financial District and how it affected the entre’s future despite the Mikuni and the guild’s effort in minimizing the effects. This even confuses Kimimaro more most especially that he just started joining the Starling Guild. Later, some black suits were following them and Jennifer uses her card to go to the District. I noticed that Jennifer is really a big eater and it’s funny on how she “humps” on Kimimaro. I have no idea who the black suits are, probably FBI or taxpayers XD

Let’s see: McDonalds, Jolibee, Wendy’s…

Wait, lady. I’m still a virgin.

Anyway, Kimimaro visits Sennoza, who shared his opinion on the Financial District. He saw how the Midas Money can also do a negative effect on the economy. Sennoza also lost in a deal which resulted to losing the future of those children who he is taking care of. He believes that even though the lost isn’t great, you still lose something.

Commonly seen in around the world

Later, Kimimaro is visited by Mikuni who reminded him of what he told him before. He doesn’t trust Sennoza most especially when he offered to shoulder half of his fortune which is impossible since Mikuni’s fortune is the country’s debt.  Poor Kimimaro 😦 This guy is about to be washed up ever since he joined the Financial District. And his deal with Sennoza got worst…


Whoa, it got gruesome (not Tarantino gore). But later, back to reality~ Wait, so what happened?

The world will end on May 21, 2011…..according to this guy

It seems that Sennoza lost and that he’s moving to another place. He has no hard feelings on Kimimaro as he began to understand him. Then, he gives him some cup noodles for Mashu. LOL.

A fairly goosd episode but it seems that the show’s focus is heading towards ethics rather than economics. I’ve read in Michael’s post that Kimimaro is having a difficultly in believing what is right or wrong. He’s being tagged by three people who have different ideals on the Financial District and yet, he doesn’t know how to handle it. It’s not a simple task and Kimimaro is not a shounen hero. It doesn’t necessarily mean he has to side somebody. It’s just that he has to decide what’s good for him and the people around him. Probably the next episode might show his choice.