This is a filler episode probably inspired by the omake.

So, Rin was culture-shocked that the school cafeteria serves first class cuisine. Problem is that you need a lot of money to buy those food. In True Cross Academy, not everything is free unlike Hogwarts. So, Yukio though of an option: cook your own food.

Rin like this idea since not only he’s good at cooking but guys who know how to cook are popular. And Yukio has a sneaky way to avoid those annoying fangirls who want him to taste the bentos they made. Anyway, you can see that Rin is a good cook and housewife. XD

Super Rin Kick!

But next morning, Rin is pissed that someone ate the food that he made. Yukio realized that despite they’re the only ones who lived in the dorm, someone made the food for them. At first, they thought it was Mephisto but it’s actually Ukobach, Mephisto’s familiar. Mephisto explained that Ukobach is in bad mood because Rin used his kitchen without permission and left it dirty. So, Ukobach didn’t cook and Mephisto takes in charge instead.

Eat that your own discretion

Apparently, Mephisto’s food is…..well, terrible. So, Rin does everything to cheer Ukobach up. Ukobach shows up and they have a cooking duel, Iron Chef style. Well, it wasn’t shown but Mephisto said that because of that they became friends. D’awww, Rin is so friendly.

You annoying bitches, how dare you!

Anyway, those annoying fangirls are following Yukio up until his dorm where they saw Shiemi entering. They mistook her as Yukio’s girlfriend. And because their freaking and annoying jealousy, they entered the dorm and found the dishes made by Ukobach. Mistaken that Shiemi made it for Yukio, they threw it in the trash but Ukobach caught them and decided to cook them alive.

Hello there, Fr. Fujimoto. Good to have you back.

Yukio and Rin were able to stop. Much of Rin’s childhood was shown where in after Fr. Fujimoto encouraged him to do more, Rin practiced cooking until he perfects it. Back to present, Rin forced Yukio to eat his fangirls’ bentos which made Yukio go…..

So, Mephisto makes sure that the girls didn’t remember anything last night. And Yukio…..well, got a stomachache. Probably because he ate too much or the girls’ bentos are bad.