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Yo, I’m back. Before I start with episode 7 and 8, I heard some complaints after episode 6 was aired. First, the fights. Yeah, I know that the show’s focus is not always about the fights but more on the ethics and morals in economics and the different ideologies of characters with regards to reality. This show is not your typical shounen show or a fighting show. This is noitamina show and they’re dealing with concepts which a kid or teenager cannot understand. So, if you’re only interested in the fights, then, you’re watching the wrong show. Go watch Bleach or Yu-Gi-Oh instead. And second, the crappy animation. I’m not much interested in the animation since I’m more of a plot>animation type which is why I seldom made comments on the animation unless it’s very obvious. So, if you’re an animation>plot person, just stop whining and watch the show.

Mikuni still looks cute

Episode 7 tells about Mikuni’s past and how he becomes an entre. Before Mikuni was a punk rock music fanatic with orange hair. But then he was pressured by his dad, a CEO, who teaches him the fine art of money-making. He became his dad’s company secretary after he graduated from college and abandoned his love for music. His sister, Takako, (yes, he has one since he mentioned it in episode 3) was in the hospital and they are really close. Coincidentally, she looks like Q. Guess it really explains that the assets reflect on the entre’s future.

She really looks like Q

But Takako is slowly dying and needs to be send to the US for an operation. Coinciding that is his dad’s company which is slowly collapsing. The only option left is that his dad decided not to use his money to send Takako to US which Mikuni didn’t like. Yeah, the dad is more like a bastard who would put his career over his family. Later, Mikuni is put under house arrest until he gets a chance to see Takako for one last time. After Takako goes into a coma, Mikuni continues with his dad’s business and later, Masakaki visits him. Mikuni even points out if Masakaki visits him earlier, then his sister wouldn’t be in a bad condition. Now, he take advantage of the Financial District in protecting the real world from the harsh reality even though he knows its disadvantages.


Now, we’re back with Kimimaro and Mashu. Mashu gives her thoughts about Kimimaro who is indecisive and treats her like ….well, a person. Yeah, it might be weird to see a budding romance between them. Though since assets reflect on the entre’s future, I wonder what or who Mashu represents in Kimimaro’s future. Daughter? Wife? Sister?

She is Kimimaro’s future

Now in episode 8, things were about to change as the SEA district is going bankrupt in which countries will start disappearing. I don’t know if I find this funny but since the Philippines is under SEA, will it disappear too? Haha, sorry that I’m wishing my country to disappear. No offense but I have a huge dislike on the Filipino society, who still clings on their belief system which is why this country doesn’t progress much.

He likes a gangster burning drug money

Back to the show, it seems that the Far East district will also fall and it reflects on reality. Idk if it coincides to recent events in Japan but Jennifer points out that the country is slowly dying. The photographer guy who happens to make crepes too in the real world knows about Kimimaro and is curious about Mashu in which he “saw” before. This somewhat establishes a connection to Kimimaro’s dad. In Kimimaro’s side, he noticed that people are starting to feel out of focus and depressed. Uhm, does it really reflect on what’s happening in Japan right now because I know that Japanese people have a very strong will in recovering in times of crisis? But the show presents the opposite. Hmm, is it reflect the country’s state before the earthquake?

Singapore is going down

Back to Kimimaro, he saw his teacher about to commit suicide. So he stops and after listening to his teacher regarding the lost of his future, Kimimaro promises that he will find a way. Later, he goes to Masakaki and tells him to return his teacher’s future which is his collateral for the district. In return, he will pay it in cash. But Masakaki tells him that he can’t that and that if he wants to do it, he better talk to his boss which is impossible. So he goes back to the photographer guy in which there might be way to return another entre’s future: reparation. But Mashu tells him that it’s not a good idea.

And Johnny Depp doesn’t do anything

Meanwhile, Mikuni decided to use the [C] plan in which they will put a large amount of money to stabilize the situation. Then, Kimimaro learns that his teacher died in a car accident. Anyway, this is really getting depressing as people started to disappear. Even the buildings started disappearing. So, Kimimaro has made a decision: He has to trust on his future. And this creates a conflict between him and Mikuni, who tells him not to get on his way. Now, SEA district collapses, the assets in that district die and Singapore starts to disappear. Damn, we got 3 episodes left. So what will Kimimaro do? What will happen to Japan as it’s about to go to its demise? Will the [C] plan work? And is Mashu possibly represent Kimimaro’s child in the future?