Here’s manga-related episode 7….

Team Fortress 3- Exorcist

Shiemi is feeling lonely since Rin manages to get along with the boys in class. So, she decided to make friends with Izumo (aka lil’ eyebrows) and Paku. But since she doesn’t have a normal childhood and has poor social skills, she tries to impress her. But later on that.

It’s a Mameshiba!

We’re introduced on the ranks and kinds of exorcists. It’s in wiki anyway. But to make it short, Rin wants to become a Knight Meister since he carries and uses a sword and Yukio is already a Dragoon and Doctor Meister. Konekomaru and Renzou both want to become Aria Meister while Bon wants to become an Aria and Dragoon Meister at the same time. Izumo and Shiemi have the makings of a Tamer Meister after they both successfully summon their familiar. Izumo was able to summon two while Shiemi summons one cutesy demon.

Back to Izumo and Shiemi, the former is taking advantage of the latter’s willingness to befriend her by making her servant. Rin doesn’t like this but Shiemi doesn’t care and does it out of a whim. As for Izumo, it seems that, just like Rin, she’s being outcast by the normal kids and only Paku is there for her. But now, Paku decided to quit exorcist cram school since she’s not capable in becoming one. Actually, she does have a point. She doesn’t seem to have any special ability of some sort though she sees demons.

Look, lady, I know you’re going emo but for the love of God, please put some clothes on

But then, a demon ambushes Izumo and Paku, who got injured. Izumo summons two demons but because of having doubts on her friendship with Paku, the demons refused to follow her orders. Then, Rin shows up and can’t take out his sword since it will expose his true identity to Izumo. Then, Shiemi shows up and asks Rin to distract the demon while she heals Paku. Luckily, Shiemi’s demon can produce herbs to heal the wounds.

So that’s how he hides his tail

Meanwhile, Rin finds out the demon is actually sent by someone. Before he tries to take out his sword, he was saved by Yukio. Paku thanks Shiemi for saving her while Izumo cries as she regrets for not saving her. To save her from humiliation, Rin takes off his shirt and gives it Izumo just to cover her body. Though, Yukio and the others were wondering why he is naked. It’s a good episode loyal to the manga. I never like Izumo since she treats Shiemi like crap. But I forgive later on most especially in the recent manga chapters.