Still loyal to the manga, this episode talks about teamwork….in detention!

They almost had the same faces as those rocks

Rin and Yukio were still wondering about that demon who attacked Izumo and Paku. Rin is still trying to think of the possible suspects who sent that demon to him. We know that Professor Igor, the Tamer Exorcist, sent that demon but why would he attack Rin?

Now in Aria class, there’s this teacher who has a French accent, blame it on gg subs btw because in the manga, the teacher is not speaking in a French accent. Idk, srsly, gg, you strike again!. So, Izumo is having a hard time reciting the verses from the Gospel of John ever since Paku got attacked. Then, Bon shows off by reciting the whole gospel and everybody was amazed by him. Of course, this pisses Izumo off and she taunts Bon for his goal being an Aria and against Satan. Bon also got pissed at her and then, Rin got pissed because the two are fighting between him.

Because of that, Yukio puts them in detention by letting them hold rocks on their laps. In this way, he wants the whole class to realize that being an exorcist doesn’t mean that they had to fight alone. Exorcists has to work as a team. But in this class, it’s going to harder since not everyone are in good terms with each other. Yukio left them for 3 hours and while he’s away, something bad happened.

Holy shit, did a demon grab my head?!

The demon from yesterday attacked the group. So, Sheimi creates a barrier to keep the demon at bay. Rin offers himself as a scapegoat to distract the demon. Bon and Konekomaru recites the gospel of John while Renzou helps Sheimi in distracting the demon. Yes, there are two demons. The demon that followed Rin lured him outside the classroom and there, the culprit who summoned it is Professor Igor. He knows that Rin is the son of Satan and he’s testing him to show off his blue flames. Rin defeats the demon in one strike but Igor leaves.

So, uhm…..did everyone had fun?

Meanwhile, Sheimi and Renzou were unable to stop the demon. Izumo puts down her doubts and summons her two demons but it was useless. Bon continues to recite the gospel despite that the demon grabs his head. He keeps on reciting until he said the Fatal Verse which kills the demon. Everything is back to normal and Rin returns to his classmates, who were surprised on how the hell he survived. Rin being Rin, said that he defeated the demon with his sword. But Bon pounds him for being too reckless. Izumo thanks Sheimi for saving her but tells that she hates her.Yukio returns just to see how things were going but Rin remains suspicious of Igor. BTW, if you’re wondering who is that hooded guy and the other guy with a bunny plushie, you’ll get to know them later on most especially the hooded guy since that person will play a very important role.