Some people like to watch the world burn

World delegates at the IMF were discussing on the current financial crisis around the world. Some of them heard of the Financial District but no one has ever step in it. Then, IMF director was shocked when he heard the news that the SEA district which is in Singapore is going down. BTW, all the world delegates speak perfect English along with the perfect accents. This is the only anime which I’ve watched that uses English is a GOOD way. Back to the SEA district, it’s like it’s the end of the world for them as the assets die and everybody disappears like being erased from existence. Oh man, this is bad. With Singapore gone, what’s left of the other SEA countries?

He’s going craaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyyy

Now, the Hong Kong and Shanghai districts are affected by the collapse of Singapore which means that Tokyo is next. Meanwhile, Mikuni, together with Masakaki, enters the rotary press of the Midas Bank. There, Mikuni saw the futures that disappeared as the Midas Money is printed. Mashu and Q felt a little pain as Masakaki began to lose his freaky sanity! The [C] plan has arrived in Japan and everyone in the Tokyo stock exchange saw the stocks rising up as Mikuni and co. did their best to buy the stocks and  save companies. Jennifer observes that Mikuni did until she noticed that he did something wrong….

Then, Masakaki congratulates him for saving the present. But there’s a settlement…Srsly, Masakaki just become some character from a horror movie. Later, Jennifer told Kimimaro about Mikuni’s actions on the economy but she said that no one knows what will be the consequences of his actions. Then ,she revealed to him that the photographer guy knew something about Mashu and his dad. I find it amusing that Mashu is asking Jennifer about flavor she like on her ramen. Later, Kimimaro meets the photographer guy who showed him a a stolen shot of his dad and his asset. This asset looks like Mashu except her hair color is black and her name is Mua. Kimimaro starts to think if he and his dad had a similar future.

Then, Kimimaro visits Hanabi who is very depressed. Even his coworker was depressed. Then, Kimimaro saw that everything is changing. The park filled with children became a part filled with homeless people. Less people attended theme parks and school. And now, his coworker disappears in front of his eyes. He goes back to Hanabi who is still depressed. And these are the consequences of Mikuni’s action: even though Mikuni saved the present situation of the country, he didn’t bother to save the future in which people are still disappearing.

Srsly, what’s her problem?

So, Kimimaro joins forces with Jennifer to save the future. Then, he talks to Mashu in which he thinks that she might be her possible future daughter. Except that Mashu doesn’t seem to like it and asks KImimaro to kiss her. Well, Kimimaro did kiss her…….on the forehead XD.

Now with 2 episodes, it seems that Kimimaro will finally face Mikuni as his opponent. All right, I I do like Mikuni but now, he did something stupid. I hope I’ll forgive you since you destroyed the future of your countrymen. Yeah, I know you’re trying to prevent Japan from disappearing but using the people’s future is genocide, dumbass! And Mashu….since she is similar to Kimimaro’s dad’s asset, it could be possible that she could be Kimimaro’s sister in the dad’s eyes and in turn, she could be Kimimaro’s daughter. Though, I think Mashu and Mua represent their lovers. It could be possible given Mashu’s reaction on being Kimimaro’s kid.  And srsly, Masakaki, what happened to you? You’re now officially cuckoo!