Until now, I haven’t figured out Mephisto’s plan yet. Even in the manga, he’s really up to something….

Anyway, he actually set up the attack on Rin’s class as an Esquire exam. So, yeah, he and the teachers, including Yukio, know what they did. Also, Yukio knew what Igor is trying to do with Rin at that time. But when Igor tells him that Mephisto was the one who ordered him to attack Rin, this made Yukio suspicious on Mephisto’s actions. Obviously, Mephisto is an unpredictable character. Once you’ll get to reach that part on why he really wants to train Rin, you’ll get to understand that his motives are really questionable.

Oh, those two guys….

Back to Rin and the others, Bon and co. were curious about Rin, defeating the demon on his own. Of course, Rin covers it up by saying he used his sword to kill the demon with one strike. Well, Bon and co. were pretty convinced and concluded that Rin is a mystery. Oh, those two guys (the hooded one and the one with the bunny plushie) finally talked and for those who read the manga, you know who hoodie’s seiyuu is and I’m glad that seiyuu is very talented.

There’s a flashback of Yukio and Shiemi in which Yukio is still starting to become an Exorcist and meets Shiemi for the first time. Yukio was nervous back then and I could see the transition on how Yukio who was a crybaby before became a mature man than Rin. Yeah, I know that most fujoshi hate hetero romance (well, this is one of my pet peeves and I already said I’m not a rabid fujoshi type) but I find it quite nice on how Shiemi gives a luck charm to Yukio and decided to call him “Yuki-chan”. Yeah, maybe i should start calling him that XD

Later, Igor tries to attack Rin by night but Yukio foresaw this and really knew what Igor is trying to do. Oh, Rin is actually in another room with Shiemi until  they heard some gunshots which turns out to be Yukio, fighting Igor. I like this battle with the cool music. Rin comes to aid him with of course, his blue flames. Igor reveals that he’s a survivor of the Blue Night in which Satan possesses him and forces him to kill his family.

Flame on!

Now, he holds a grudge on Satan, demons and Rin for being Satan’s son. Well, Rin doesn’t like how Igor lets innocent people get involved with his grudge. Igor realizes this and leaves. Shiemi arrives and good thing she doesn’t noticed Rin’s tail which Rin tried to it in his pants XD.

Mephisto likes to play this story dirty

The next day, Mephisto tells the class that they all pass the Esquire exams and gives them a big blow-out. While the class were having fun, Mephisto promises to Yukio that he won’t let Rin get in danger. Yeah, right….So, Mephisto calls Amaimon to come to True Cross Academy. There you go, Mephisto is really one shady character. Oh boy, Kuro the cat is next!