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I was mistaken about the [C] plan. Well, I’m not alone since most bloggers didn’t understand it either and most of us aren’t economic experts. Anyway, here’s the 2nd to the last episode…..

Looks like the whole world is experiencing a financial crisis as the US starts hogging all the money. LOL, I wonder if it reflects our situation in RL. In reality, China is going stronger than the US since even the Americans are buying Chinese products. But in this anime, it’s the US and I think the staff is portraying them as a bunch of greedy bastards based on American Masakaki said that there are many super entres in the US district which is definitely true.XD Oh, what was American Masakaki called since Masakaki is a Japanese name? Michael? Matthew? Or Bob? Oh, he also speaks Engrish XD

Because of the Americans’ meddling, the [C] plan is bouncing back to Japan and Mikuni and co. are getting desperate. So, Mikuni requests Masakaki again to bring him to the rotary press to trade more futures in producing more Midas money. Jennifer tells Kimimaro about this and that there might be a way to save the future. She told him to strike Mikuni in a deal, make him bankrupted and take his Darkness card (which gives the card holder the right to use the rotary press). Kimimaro finds it impossible to defeat him but Jennifer tells him that he has a weakness and the only thing that he can do is fight money with money.

Anyway, it seems that there’s a mole in the Starling Guild…that happens to be the glasses guy (Idk if he has a name or what, I’ll just call him that). The photographer guy is now sending money to everyone in Japan and they were all surprised when they received large amounts of it. It’s like “It’s raining money! Hallelujah!” Back in the Financial District, Jennifer strikes a deal with Mikuni while Kimimaro faces the guy in the orange shirt (Idk his name either, sorry). Anyway, Mashu is feeling a lot of pain since the rotary press is still moving. So, Kimimaro has to fight alone against Mr. Orange Shirt.

Because it’s called “Overheated Economy”, idiot!

Kimimaro is fighting very badly while Mashu watches on and asks him to let her fight too. But after he hits Mr. Orange Shirt, he tells Mashu that he realize she is his future. Awww~ that’s so sweet. Later, Mr. Orange Shirt retaliates and Mashu uses “Overheated Economy” and roast the guy until he’s bankrupted. Meanwhile, Jennifer starts getting Mikuni’s assets except Q, who’s going crazy and then she smells Jennifer like a dog looking for food. WTF?! That’s creepy and crazy.

So, this is Q’s macroflation.

Later, Kimimaro learns that Jennifer lost the deal as she underestimates Mikuni’s ability. She tell him that “you’re on your own now, kid” and gives him her asset, Georges. And then, she fades away T_T. Idk if she’s really dead since we know that once you’re bankrupt, you’re out of the game. Yet for Jennifer, she gives up her future to Kimimaro. So probably, she’s already dead in reality.  And now, Kimimaro’s card is also black. It seems that Masakaki betrays Mikuni. So, now it’s Kimimaro vs. Mikuni. Yeah, we can all see this coming based on what we’ve seen in the OP.

There goes one brave soul T_T

Back to the show, it seems that Mikuni really lost it. Or should I say, become stupider. Some of us who still think that Mikuni is trying to save Japan and his sister didn’t realize (which Mikuni also didn’t realize)that he’s destroying his own country. If all those futures in the rotary press are gone, then, Japan is going kaput. So, yeah, Mikuni, you’re still a dumbass! And not to mention, Jennifer and Kimimaro did have good intentions in saving the lost futures, what can they do to stop [C] since those American corporate bastards are getting all the gold? Come on, [C] is like the impending apocalypse. Even if you save the future, the country, at present, is heading towards doom. So, yeah, those 2 are also dumbasses. In fact, being in the Financial District is like being a Magical Girl who is destined to become a witch. And I bet the guys who run the district are probably having fun seeing the world burning into ash. Or maybe they’re Incubators sucking all the energy.

人◕ ‿‿ ◕人

Oh man, one episode left. So is AnoHana with one episode left. I hope both of them finish their stories with a bang. Please, don’t pull some shitty ass deus ex machina where the big boss of the Midas Bank will do something which is lame. Oh, I do expect some big ass battle between Kimimaro and Mikuni. But I’m not hoping that Kimimaro will pull what Madoka did. Srsly, Kimimaro, you’re not Madoka. Plus, it’s good that the ratings in the noitamina timeslot are high and catching up which means it’s getting the attention that it deserves from the Japanese viewers.