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Just so you know, I decided not to blog the future episodes of Ao no Exorcist. Well, not because the subs of the recent episode were delayed. Yeah, we understand that fansubbing isn’t an easy job. But to why I decided not blog Ao no Exorcist is because I already know what happened in the manga. I know that the recent episode is about Kuro the black cat who went berserk upon hearing Fujimoto’s death and later, Rin adopts him as his own pet. Yeah, it’s in the manga so I don’t think I need to blog an episode which is close to the manga. I realized that I felt bored when I blogged episodes that are based from the manga. For that, I rather blog shows which are original or has manga adaptations which I haven’t read yet or no scanlations available. 

But I’ll still watch Ao no Exorcist and of course, give a review of it once the show is over. My last post for Ao no Exorcist will be episode 10 once the subs are out. So, in place of Ao no Exorcist, I decided to blog Tiger and Bunny. Why? You probably knew that something terrible happened to our heroes in the recent episode. Yet, it’s very interesting to see it and it’s depressing as well. It’s been a while to see an original Sunrise anime which kept me anticipated since Code Geass.