To start off with Tiger & Bunny, here’s a recap of the last episodes:

Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, also known as Wild Tiger, is surprised when he’s transferred to a new company with a new suit and a new partner, Barnaby Brooks Jr. At first, the two never get along as Barnaby finds Tiger’s methods too old school while Tiger tries to teach him the true ways of a Hero. Barnaby has a dark and mysterious past in which his parents were murdered in front of his eyes by a mysterious organization called  Ouroboros. Tiger tried to balance his issues in spending time with his daughter and in proving how worthy he is as a Hero and Barnaby’s partner. The two resolve their differences when a vigilante named Lunatic arrives and starts killing criminals. Lunatic deems Tiger as his worthy opponent and it turns out that this vigilante happens to be city’s judge, Yuri Petrov. Lunatic’s actions also delayed Barnaby’s search for Ouroboros until he finds out the identity of his parents’ murderer: Jake Martinez. Coincidentally, this evil organization that he’s been searching for, comes out in public and demands the city government of Stenbield to release Jake who is also one of their members. If they don’t release him, the city will be destroyed. The government comply to the organization’s demands but in secret, they let Origami Cyclone infiltrate their ranks with the use of his ability. However, Jake manages to see through Origami’s cover….

I’ll make dinner for you when this is all over
 And to episode 12, Origami defends himself but Jake outwits him. Meanwhile, Agnes and Steinbield government were able to determine Jake’s hideout thanks to Origami’s investigation. Sky High suggested to the other heroes to scout the area near Jake’s hideout. Bunny volunteers to do but Tiger is worried about that. But Bunny tells him to trust him. In Jake’s hideout, Bunny found Jake but Tiger got him first. However, it’s trap as it’s actually Origami instead and Jake happens to see it. He even called Tiger a dipshit. Dipshit? Yeah, Tiger maybe a dipshit but you’re the real dipshit, Jake, you trying hard copycat Joker/Magneto!

Because that day is a Tuesday…

Oh look, Jake is also like Bison (of Street Fighter) who doesn’t remember that he killed Bunny’s parents which pissed Bunny even more. Well, he killed many people but it doesn’t explain why he killed his parents. Anyway, Jake’s power seems to generate laser beams and then, he blows out his hideout. Tiger and Bunny fleed the area with Origami. And because of that, Jake is out of their clutches. But srsly, you think Jake would just run away? No~ but he went to the government and CEOs of Hero TV directly as he still holds the city in hostage. His demands: he wants a live broadcast on a one-on-one fight with a Hero. If a hero defeats him, the city is freed. But if all the heroes were defeated, then the city is kaput. Why he’s doing this? Just to prove to the whole world that NEXTs are way better than puny humans and that all the peaceful crap that Mr. Legend did is all a lie.

Blue Rose really cares for Tiger. But yeah, a romantic relationship between them is the last thing I would ever heard

So, Jake’s first challenger is Sky High! During the first fight, Sky High uses his ability to hit Jake. However, he realizes that Jake’s ability is creating barriers which he can use defensively and offensively. But oh man, Sky High is being pummeled by Jake. Damnit! It’s so hard to watch him get beaten up by some dickheadded clown. Nooo, Sky HIIIGGGHHHHHHH!!! T_T So, Rock Bison is next to fight. But why the hell his fight  cut off? Well, that’s too bad as Rock Bison is also defeated.


Next challenger? Wild Tiger! While Tiger is fighting Jake, Origami warns the CEOs that exosuits that were assigned to destroy the support columns of the city were controlled by one of Ouroboros’ member, Kriem. She also commanded them via radio. So, Mr. Maverick thought of an idea to jam the signals and tells Agnes to distract Jake longer while they prepare it. Back to Tiger, well, it wasn’t easy in which Jake claims that he “hears everything”. So, does this means that he can read minds too? That sucks. But what even sucks more is that Kotetsu’s ability has reached its limits. However, Tiger refuses to give up until he accidentally hits Jake on the head. This made Jake super pissed and starts beating the crap out of him. Damnit, I hate this! T_T On second though, did he just found his weakness?

I hope this Good Luck mode is good luck!

Agnes tells him to stop because if they keep the show running at night, there won’t be any ratings. Jake agrees and has the next fight against Bunny on morning. while Tiger is rushed to the hospital in a very bad image, Bunny prepares himself for his fight against Jake.


Whew, that’s one long hard episode. It seems that the trust between Tiger and Bunny is falling apart as Tiger realized that he doesn’t trust Bunny and that Bunny goes back into being a jerk. And Jake, srsly, I hate this guy! I don’t know how Mr. Legend manages to catch this guy but I guess it shows that Mr. Legend is really legen—–wait for it—–dary! Yeah, this show is legendary. Oh, I wonder how will Lunatic beat this guy? I know that he’s with the CEOs right now and that showing up as Lunatic could blow his cover. But, I think he’s waiting for the right moment to roast Jake once everything fails.

That’s it! Time for some asskicking!

So the next episode, it will be more depressing as Bunny sheds tears T_T