As I said, this will be my last post for Ao no Exorcist….Anyway, I remember the 1st chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone where Professor McGonagall (who is her cat Animagus form) was standing on the fence which caught Uncle Vernon’s attention. And in this show, Kuro is also like that but he’s a familiar so….

Back to Rin and Yukio, they had a quarrel as Yukio reminded his older brother that if he keeps relying on Satan’s power, he’s going to be consumed by it. Of course, Rin, being defensive and rebellious, fights back by throwing in some stuff like Shiemi and Fr. Fujimoto. I don’t have to take sides here. It’s true that Rin, being the older brother, acts immature and rebellious but this guy here feels overshadowed and under the rock when Yukio gets the attention from Fr. Fujimoto and learns about Rin’s true powers. Yukio does have the right to speak to Rin like that but he has to understand that Rin feels inferior thanks to his nature…Aaand when they’re still arguing, Rin accidentally flips Yukio’s glasses and laughs at him. Haha, Yukio feels pissed about it and Jun Fukuyama uses his Lelouch-esque voice! But hey, he keeps spars of glasses XD

Anyway, Yukio received a call that Kuro went berserk. at the west gate because one of the guards accidentally slip the news of Fr. Fujimoto’s death. Anyway, Kuro is a Cat Sidhe which a demon in a cat’s body. Before Cat Sidhes were deities in helping the silk farmers. But thanks to modern times, they were completely forgotten and turned into demons. Fujimoto was the only one who able to tame it thanks to his rank as the Paladin, the highest and most powerful Exorcist.

This is how you “use your head”! *headbutts*

Rin heard Kuro’s voice in which the cat doesn’t believe that Fr. Fujimoto is dead. So, he tells Yukio that he will try to persuade it by “using his head”. Using his head meaning headbutting on the cat XD Yukio is like “WTF?! O_O” Rin actually understand the cat is lonely and he asks him to make peace with him. Yukio noticed that his brother is doing the same thing as Fujimoto. When Kuro realizes that Fujimoto is indeed gone, he cries and goes back into its cat form. D’awww~ Kuro is so cute when it cries. And that scenes with him and Fujimoto also made me cry. Damn, I really miss the old man. T_T

Would it be better if I brought you a pair of binoculars instead?

Mephisto and Amaimon saw what had just happened. Mephisto asks him if he finds Rin very interesting. Amaimon agrees that Rin is very interesting……Buuuuutttt~ he needs to go sightseeing XD So, Kuro became Rin’s familiar and he, Yukio and Rin drink just like the old times….except that the catnip wine is disgusting for humans. XD Whoa, next episode is a beach filler episode. And it’s interesting that Rin is with Izumo (who I despised) and Renzou (who I love).