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(fanart courtesy of piviv)

If anyone cares, the English cast of Night Raid 1931 (also known as Senkou no Night Raid) is out. Though I rarely watch anime dubbed in English recently, I don’t know if I could say something about the cast. 

(From ANN)

-Ayres is known for his roles as Chrono (Chrono Crusade), Negi (Negima),  Naoi (Angel Beats) and Goku (Saiyuki). I listened to his voice here and all I could say is that…..when I imagine him as Aoi, really, it doesn’t fit.

-Gremillion is known for his roles as Mononobe (Eden of the East), Jack Gilliam (Chrono Crusade). Here’s his voice sample. He’s very flexible like Daisuke Namikawa and I think his voice in 1:26 fits perfectly for Kazura. 

-Karbowski is known for her roles as Yuri (Angel Beats), Anya (Negima). Here’s an interview and voice sample of her. Her as Yukina….well, close but….a little whiny and Yukina is not whiny.

-Wald is known for his roles as Golgo 13, Master Chief (Halo Legends). I can’t find a voice sample of him so I don’t know what he sounds like and how he fits as Natsume

-From what I’ve read in the ANN forums, Kaiser hasn’t been in the voice acting industry from the long time. And this guy is not well known in the industry. So, I don’t know what he sounds like and how he fits as Sakurai.

Still, I’m wondering if they’re going to let the cast speak foreign languages like Chinese, German and Russian. I know that the BDs have the original Japanese track where all the foreign characters speak Japanese. So, I’m guessing that all the characters will be speaking in English in this dub. BTW, one ANN forumer said that the first dubbed episode is out in iTunes. You can download it for free. Seeing the reactions of those who saw the cast and the translators, I guess everyone is looking forward to it! Plus, I think they’ll appreciate the series more when it’s dubbed.