Here’s the last episode of [C]

Now the final battle between Mikuni and Kimimaro is on! Yeah, I noticed the bad animation in the fight. But, whoa, the fight is awesome.

Like brother and sister

And while the two are fighting, the exchange of yen has stopped and everybody is panicking. I found it funny that they show the Vice-Governor’s office instead the Governor’s office. Obviously, anime producers also hate that dipshit, Ishihara XD XD

So, now, Mikuni and Kimimaro are now using Q and Mashu as the frontliners. “Economic Blockade” vs. “Overheated Economy”? Bring it on! Mikuni brought up that he’s fighting for his sister but Kimimaro pointed out that he’s acting very selfish. I like how the fight is going. Clash of ideas between saving the present or saving the future. Even Mashu tries this to tell Q to wake up since she knows that Q represents Takako.

I love this animation style :3

In the RL, the Midas money reveals itself to the people. But then, the Market is close as [C] arrives in Japan. And Kimimaro punches Mikuni right on the face!


Later, Mikuni seems to be somewhere else having a chat with his sister. Takako points out that he’s acting like his dad. Mikuni admits it but then, Takako seems to disappear. Oh, Jennifer is alive and what had happened to her? Anyway, [C] has pass through Japan and Masakaki reveals that the district will disappear. So, Mikuni admits defeat and Kimimaro decided to reverse everything back to restore everyone’s future.

Mikuni says goodbye to Q, or rather his sister since he lost. Mashu kisses Kimimaro on the lips, I think. Yeah, they didn’t show it but definitely on the lips. Then, she says goodbye to Kimimaro as she disappears. Then, everybody in Japan began to fade in light which are like gumdrops with Masakaki laughing and some music which I think heard it in some 1950’s movie. And that music reminded me of some old Disney cartoon movie. XD

God, is that you?

Then, Kimimaro meets Jesus XD Well, he’s not really Jesus but I think he’s the big boss of the Financial District. Then, he thanks Kimimaro for his efforts in fighting for the future. Later, they disappear to Heaven XD.

….Or not. Everything is back to normal. And everyone is using dollars now. Great. Now, the whole world is under American economy. But Masakaki is still present which means the Financial District still exist. And for Kimimaro…..uh, is he invisible or something? It seems that no one is paying attention to him. So, what happened to the other entres? So, where’s Mikuni, Jennifer and the photographer guy? What happened to the other members of the Starling Guild? I really don’t like this ending. I was hoping that in the future, Kimimaro would be with his wife and newborn kid, Jennifer with her dog, Georges and Mikuni, seeing his sister waking up from her coma.

So, when was this picture taken?

Damn, I hope there are extra episodes of [C] just to give a proper ending. Night Raid 1931 manages to end it perfectly despite one character going MIA. Overall, [C] is very interesting but needs to have the loose ends tied.  But AnoHana is way superior and more dramatic. I can’t believe I cried in the final episode and brought proper closure to all the characters when Menma finally rest in peace. I’ll post my review on [C] soon. I finally decided to blog Blood-C since I’m a big fan of Clamp and the Blood+ series.