Now, it’s time for Bunny VS. Jake and no, this is not the last episode….

I find it redundant that Kriem labels Bunny as the “Revenge boy who wants revenge” XD Anyway, while fighting, Bunny keeps asking Jake why he killed his parents. Jake doesn’t bother because he really wants to fight. Well, Bunny is not using his powers since he knew it will be useless even if he use the Hundred Power. LOL. Jake really laughs like the Joker. Coincidentally, his seiyuu also dub Joker  in The Dark Knight.

Meanwhile, Agnes tells Blue Rose, Dragon Kid and Fire Emblem that the jammers are already and she orders them to assemble on the designated points. Tiger wants to join in too but Blue Rose (who is a tsundere) tells him to stay put since he’s Bunny’s partner. Anyway, while the girl power trio (Fire Emblem suggested that even he’s not girl. But hey, he’s girly, sistah!) head to the exosuits, Jake somewhat reveals to Bunny that he can’t land a hit on him since he has another Next power.

Super Saiyan!

Well, this surprises the Heroes since no one has ever hit Jake except Tiger. Tiger tries to figure out Jake’s weakness until he realizes it. Despite Rock Bison, telling him not to go due to his injuries, Tiger uses his Hundred Power to heal. Well, it didn’t heal Tiger internally but he manages to contact Saito for some help.

Forever and ever, babe

Meanwhile, Blue Rose, Dragon Kid and Fire Emblem were about to destroy the exosuits which are jammed. But then, they self-activated into self-defense mode. It’s not completely a mission failed as Mr. Maverick believes that Bunny would do something to stop Jake. Now that Bunny reaches his limit, he realizes that he’s gonna lose. Before he faints, Tiger catches him. D’awwwwwwwww~ Tiger, give Bunny some love ❤ I was wondering if they’re gonna kiss or something XD XD XD

What we need is for him to blush! XD

Anyway, Tiger told Bunny that Jake’s second power is super hearing. Wait—what?! That’s lame. Bunny thinks so too but Tiger tell him to trust him. so, he gives him a super sonic grenade made by Saito. Bunny faces Jake again and throws the grenade on air. Jake trolls him that his power isn’t super hearing. But then, the grenade releases light and Bunny got a chance to kick Jake’s ass. With Jake weaken, Bunny is about to kill him. But Tiger gives him the look “Don’t do it, bro. You’ll be just like him.”

The Powerpuff Girls!

Now that Bunny won, he asked Tiger why he tricked him. Tiger told him the truth that Jake has telepathic powers since he noticed that during his fight, Jake said, “Fuck you, Kotetsu!” and Tiger figures out that Jake knew his real name since he said, “Calm down, Kotetsu T. Kaburagi” in his head and that never told his real name in public.  Wow, Tiger is clearly the genius here.

Jake: “OH,SHI-!”

But Kriem and Jake were about to escape until they realized that Blue Rose, Dragon Kid and Fire Emblem destroyed their exosuits. Haha, that’s girl power. Realizing that they failed, Jake escapes but Tiger holds him down with his grappling hook. Jake tries to bust him out until he accidentally hit the tail of his helicopter XD XD XD Dumbass! And the helicopter crashes on him! XD XD But I don’t think that’s last we’ll see Jake or Ouroboros.

Jake: “CURSES!!!”

Once again, the day is saved thanks to Barnaby Brooks Jr. and the Mayor?! WTF?! The Mayor didn’t do anything. Srsly, he’s useless! Come on, give credit to Tiger. He’s the real hero! Srsly, everyone, you all suck! Except for Bunny in which he calls him by his real name XD

Bunny: “So, how about that dinner?”

That’s end of the first half. There’s gonna be a new OP and ED plus more NEXT heroes next week. And Blue Rose’s crush on Tiger. Oh God, I don’t like this.