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Remember what I said that I’m not going to blog future episodes of Ao no Exorcist…..I LIED! So, I decided to share my random short thoughts about it instead of the usual episode summary. This episode 11 is actually a filler. I really don’t like this episode.

Rin: Uh, what did we just watched?
Renzou: I have no idea. I thought this episode is supposed to be fun!
Izumo: Yeah, this is stupid…..Hey, wanna watch Transformer 3?
Rin and Renzou: YEAH! TRANSFORMERS 3!!!
Renzou: Yeah, Megan Fox again!
Izumo: Uh, Megan Fox is not anymore in the movie…
Renzou: ……….Wait-whuut?!
Rin: Yeah, some blonde chick replaced her role….Uh, what’s her name again? Carly?
Izumo: That’s her character’s name! Anyway, the one who replaced Fox is a model.
Renzou: Oohhh…a model…*grins like a pervert*

Yes, it’s a beach episode but it’s not even a fun episode. Lack of action and comedy except Kuro fighting the giant squid and the kid’s dog’s eyebrows. I thought Rin will use his sword again to fight but it didn’t happen. Yeah, there’s the usual fanservice of Izumo in a bikini and that’s it. I don’t know if that’s really fanservice. What about Rin and Renzou walking shirtless? Can you just have that? Plus, the kid….Srsly the kid is GODDAMN ANNOYING!!!!! It’s like he’s hogging all the attention now.  They also ruin Izumo’s character here and made here a standard tsundere and stupid. Pfff! And Rin and Renzou, they didn’t do anything cool. 😡 My God, who the fuck wrote this episode anyway?! Srsly, A-1 Pictures, can you at least make some worthy fillers which are not stupid? I know I like your shows most especially the Anime no Chikara project. But come on, where’s the creativity in that? The food filler is much better than this piece of crap.

Anyway, next week, we’re back to the manga. Plus, someone, asides from Amaimon, will show up here. You all be surprised on who this person is.