I just watched the 1st episode of Blood-C. Yeah, it’s early thanks to NicoNico Douga. So, I wouldn’t expect episode 2 to be out this week. That’s next week. I’ll blog it once I find a better quality. Now for the second half of Tiger & Bunny…

Few months have passed and the dynamic duo became more famous as ever. Even Tiger gets the recognition he deserves. Plus, the partnership between the two became stronger.

Tiger: “Justin Timberlake taught me this dance move”

Apparently, this episode deals with Blue Rose’s infatuation on Tiger which I may find it disturbing. Yeah, I know it’s normal for a teenage girl to have a crush on a guy who is old enough to be her dad. It happens in most media and even in real life. But if Tiger acknowledges that crush and even does the unthinkable, I’ll give it a thumbs down. Sorry, Tiger needs to be with Bunny, his partner in life XD XD XD

Alejandro, T&B version

Anyway, Blue Rose is teaching the duo how to dance. Yeah, dance! XD XD ROFL And Tiger’s robot dance really hurt my stomach! XD XD XD My God, I imagine Blue Rose as Lady Gaga (or Britney Spears) and Tiger & Bunny as the Backstreet Boys! XD XD I don’t know why I thought of some  Backstreet Boys song when Tiger & Bunny are dancing! XD XD

“So, now, I’m a oyaji-con?”

The rest of the episode is not very important. Just some NEXT stalker guy who ends up wearing Blue Rose’s costume which is gross. But something went wrong with Tiger’s ability in which he runs very fast. It seems that his power is evolving. Hmm, could it be possible that he’s going to get a second NEXT power just like Jake? Or is he losing his ability as a NEXT?

The Coyote and the Roadrunner show! T&B style~

Now, my thoughts on the new OP and ED. Great! I know that there are some viewers who prefer the older ones. But for me, I like it. These ones have a darker and serious tone in it. Like the 1st OP, the new one features and their ads. I noticed that Origami Cyclone, Fire Emblem and Bunny have additional sponsors. Srsly, Origami is now on the spotlight (which in this episode, Rock Bison is now the lowest ranked hero which sucks). And then, Lunatic…oh boy, I’m fangirling again. And that part with Tiger and Bunny hitting Lunatic at the same time with the latter flaming is cool!

The new ED is serious which features our heroes in their real persona…Sky High, holding a white rose~ Romantic much? 🙂

Speaking of Sky High, the next episode is about him and he’s falling in love? Wait-whut?