Looks like Bon agreed with me and the rest of viewers that the filler squid episode is bullshit. XD High five, man.

So, we’re back in the manga. I’ll just bring 3 important events….

First, Shiemi in a school uniform which made the boys nosebleed (well, they’re not nosebleeding). But yeah, you noticed that her boobs were a bit busty and her skirt is short in zettai ryouki style.

Second, Amaimon crashes into the ghost-hunting mission just to fight Rin. The fight is awesome and Rin almost lost it. But the fight is interrupted when our mysterious hooded guy comes along….

The hooded guy is a big-breasted, sword-wielding, upper first class exorcist from the Vatican who goes by the name of Shura Kirigakure. I noticed that she’s bustier here in the anime. But you’ll like her. She’s awesome.