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I noticed that there are lot of negative first impressions out there after Blood-C episode 1 was aired. Here are some things which we need to be cleared:

  • Blood+ and Blood-C are set in a different setting with different characters and with no connection to each other.
  • The theme of both shows are the same: Saya fighting blood-sucking creatures.
  • Both shows are handled by Production I.G. with the same director but different staff in terms of writing with CLAMP in charge of it.
  • Srsly, saying that the show sucks based on the 1st episode means that you’re just jumping into conclusions and that you’re impatient (probably in RL too).

As much as I love Blood+ and CLAMP, I don’t think this show will go downhill. In most CLAMP works that I’ve seen, I could say that they can make a great story. But due to how they end their works (like the recent ones) is something which is very much….I don’t know what adjective should I use. However, you could say that it’s unsatisfying. Still, I trust CLAMP in this project and I think this is why Production I.G. have them in their project because they know that they can make a good story.

Anyway, the 1st episode is practically a bit boring but very interesting in the second half. First half shows Saya Kisaragi, who is a klutz and lives in a shrine with her dad. She has a couple of good friends and classmates, a nice teacher, a cute neighbor who is a cafe owner and a mysterious male classmate who is possibly Edward Cullen jk. But after school, she’s a monster slayer. So, she like Saya Otonashi of Blood+. But I don’t like to compare these 2 Sayas yet as it’s too early. One viewer said that Saya Kisaragi is a Mary Sue. But yeah, it’s a first episode so pretty much you’re one of those who are too quick to judge.

What interests me here is Saya’s nature. I know that her counterparts in the other Blood media are vampires. But what about her? I noticed that her eyes turned red when she killed the monster but she didn’t use her blood to kill it. Plus, she’s very agile and skilled like her counterparts. So, the question is: Is she a vampire too? Her dad is human and her mom, well, I don’t know about her yet other than she died few years ago, probably she’s a vampire too.

Other things concern are the part when Saya is going home and the long pauses before Saya’s first strike against the monster. If this was a manga, I would appreciate it. A live-action would work too. But in an anime, I could see why most viewers have negative impressions on it. It’s because they’re impatient. Not that I hate those parts but I think it’s a waste of time since this is a 1-cour show. Oh, the OP is very cool which is based from the Blood+ OPs most especially the 3rd OP. The ED is plain just a few slides of Saya standing in random places. Maybe because I’m not much of a fan of Nana Mizuki.

Overall, the first episode doesn’t deliver a good first impression to the viewers. Hopefully, the second episode would bring in the real story. You know, most people would see if the show really fits their taste just by watching 3-6 episodes of it before they can move on. So, I think we need some patience (which most viewers are lacking) before we could continue it. Maybe I should do this to Sacred Seven. The first episode irks me very much (except for the catchy OP song) with the standard shounen tropes. Probably because I’m growing out of watching shounen shows. But I’ll see if the story is good in 3 episodes.

Now to the cast: Saya Kisaragi is voiced by Nana Mizuki (Rue of Princess Tutu, Misaki Kirihara of Darker than Black). Tadayoshi Kisaragi is voiced by Keiji Fujiwara (Fr. Shiro Fujimoto of Ao no Exorcist, Jake Martinex of Tiger & Bunny). Fumito Nanahara is voiced by Kenji Nojima (Karman of Blood+, Keisaku Satou of Shakugan no Shana). Yuuka Amino is voiced by Masumi Asano (Aya Suzuno of Monochrome Factor, Yuri Nagata of Giant Killing). Nono and Nene Motoe are both voiced by Misato Fukuen (Yin of Darker than Black, Yumina of Soro no Woto). Itsuki Tomofusa is voiced by Atsushi Abe (Touma Kamijou of Toaru Majitsu no Index, Moritaka Mashiro of Bakuman). And Shinichirou Tokizane is voiced by Tatsuhisa Suzuki (Yuuji Sakamoto of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu, Hikaru Tezuka of Toshokan Sensou)