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Ah, yes Anime no Chikara. The Power of Anime.

Anime no Chikara (アニメノチカラ The Power of Anime) is a joint project of TV Tokyo’s anime department and Aniplex established in 2009 for the creation of original anime series, which are not based on previously published material such as manga, visual novels, or video games. It has 3 original animes: Sora no Woto (Winter 2010), Senkou no Night Raid (Spring 2010) and Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin (Summer 2010). A-1 Pictures is in charge of these 3 shows.

I finally watched Soro-no-Woto. So here’s how I rank the three shows based on my liking:

1. Senkou no Night Raid
2. Sora no Woto
3. Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin

And here’s how the general viewers rank the 3 shows:

1. Sora no Woto
2. Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin
3. Senkou no Night Raid

I know a lot of elitists and anime critics said that the project failed based on the “ratings” though I read that the 3 shows were well received in Japan. So, probably, they’re just basing it on how well it was received outside Japan. Though, BDs sale says otherwise. But what’s the point if you’re saying that just because BDs sales aren’t good means the show sucks? Come on, the shows are not for everybody, okay? Night Raid is for history and political buffs and those who like heavy dialogue. Occult Gakuin is for those who like ghost-hunting ala Ghost Busters and Scooby Doo. Sora no woto is for….uh, those who like K-On-look-alike girls in military uniform, I dunno.

All right, these 3 shows have good concepts but they have problems. Night Raid needs to develop the characters, Occult Gakuin needs to balance the story and Sora no Woto needs to fix its pacing like the the last 2 episodes. But does that mean that animators rely more on light novel/manga instead? And I think these were already realized by the creators. And the result: more appreciated original animes this year like Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Ano Hana, Tiger & Bunny and others. Yeah, I know some original anime seem to flop at the end like Fractale and [C]. But it doesn’t mean it’s instant failure.

We don’t know if Anime no Chikara will ever come back. Sure, they say they’re taking a break. But will they ever come back? I mean, I don’t see it as a timeslot (like noitamina) but I see it as a way to help animators promote their original ideas and make up good stories. As Divine said,  “Believe in Anime no Chikara.”

Want to believe more? Watch this: