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I finally watched the 1st episode of Night Raid 1931 in dub. And here’s what I’ve to say:

WTF?! Greg Ayres as Aoi really doesn’t fit at all. It’s like Aoi sounded like some punk or a guy with sore throat. Srsly, WTF?! Can you just have someone else?! Aoi is not a punk, all right?! He’s a nice guy!. Sheesh!

But John Gremillion as Kazura really fits! Damn, it really made me love Kazura more! ❤

Yukina’s and Natsume’s English dub actors also fit. And Sakurai in English dub really sounds like James Bond’s boss, M, who is not played by Judi Dench.

Now, the minor foreign characters speak English so, yeah, you won’t hear Aoi speaking bad Mandarin anymore.