This episode is all about Sky High…

Going emo in 3…2…1…

Anyway, 10 months after Jake’s defeat really made Sky High depressed as he’s ranked #2 and Tiger&Bunny now taking up the spotlight. The way I look at Sky High, he just loves his job and the attention that he deserves from people who looked up to him as a Hero means he got the recognition that he deserves and he appreciates it. But for 10 months, he’s out of focus until he meet a girl in a park….

Dorothy, is that you? What did you do with your hair?

…who looks and sounds exactly like R. Dorothy Waynewright of Big O! How cool is that? Guess the director (who is also the director of Big O) loves to put references on his past work. So, are we also expecting a Roger Smith cameo soon? XD But the girl (named Cis) has white hair. Anyway, Sky High felt attracted to Cis who only speaks a little. And he even confides his problems to her. He even got some love advice from Girl Power trio. But later on that.

Barnaby J. Brooks Jr. is the next sexiest man alive

While Tiger advertises swimsuits for middle aged men XD

So Tiger & Bunny, now big superstars, are doing some promotions, photo-shoots and interviews which Tiger finds it tiresome. We learn more about Bunny’s parents who are robot engineers. Wait, where did I hear this before? And now, everything ties down to this.

Terminator reference

Cis is actually an android who is more powerful than a NEXT. She even beat up Tiger who is now powered down. She is created by a guy named Rotwang who happens to be a former colleague of Bunny’s parents. Rotwang even thanked his parents for reaching his goal which made Bunny doubt about his parents.

Keith, before you get all super high and jumpy, just so you know….

Then, Sky High saves the day by destroying the android without knowing that it’s actually the girl that he loved. Well, this is pretty much similar to that episode in Outlaw Star where one of the main character fell in love with a girl and later kills the enemy without knowing that the enemy is his girlfriend. So, how does Sky High’s romantic story ended? Well, after defeating the enemy, he became his jolly good ol’ self again and goes to the park again except that Cis isn’t there so he waited and really a sad ending for this story.

you already killed your girlfriend!

For Tiger, his old boss told him that his powers slowly degrading which means that Tiger would not becoming a hero later on and this began to worry him. Woooo!!!! I can’t wait for the next episode since now I got a feeling that Ouroboros must have something to do with Bunny’s parent’s works which may resulted to their deaths. And Tiger, trying to do something to continue in being a Hero and later, facing his archnemesis, Lunatic! Yay, Lunatic!