Yeah, probably the haters are still whining on this recent episode since the story is still moving slow with the same pattern: Saya goes to school, mingles with her classmates, goes home, receives a mission from her dad, fights and kills the monster. But it brought out a lot of mysteries:

Hi, I’m the mysterious cafe owner who may not or may have something on Saya’s dad *winks* Probably you heard me narrating while Saya is kicking ass out there. But don’t expect me to be some crazy ass scientist like that French guy in Blood+.

Fumito, the cafe owner, is a very mysterious character. There are a lot of questions about him such as why he’s the one making breakfast and lunch (don’t know about dinner though XD) for Saya? We know that he knows much about Tadayoshi (Saya’s dad) and that they were schoolmates back then. But it interests me what kind of relationship they had? :3 Do they have a thing for each other? LOL. But yeah, this is CLAMP. They like to drop some hints just to tease people.

Hi, the mysterious guy in Saya’s class. Look, I’m not Edward Cullen, all right? I don’t sparkle, heck, you see sparkle in broad daylight? No, because I’m just an ordinary guy minding my own business. You might say that I’m the Haji in this show. Well, we’ll just see if you think I might also be carrying a cello 😉

Shinichirou, Saya’s mysterious classmate who’s always late, is also a mysterious character. He may have the vibes of Edward Cullen LOL but he’s very much like Haji (of Blood+). Asides from the question “Why is he always late in  class?”, does he know something about Saya’s mission at night?

Hi, I’m…..whoa, is that Saya singing about me?! Oh God, why am I blushing? Is she singing about the embarrassing stuff that I did?  Wait, it’s not what you think! I’m not a pedo, okay?! Oh wait….she’s singing about laundry….Thank God….Uh, wait? Laundry?

And lastly, Tadayoshi….now, this guy really screams mystery here. I was wondering what kind of relationship does he had on Saya and why did he let her fight those monsters. Sure, I may get the idea that he’s training his daughter to fight and that he mentions that the mom was also a monster slayer. But there are some theories which say that he may not be Saya’s biological father (probably he’s in the same position as George, Saya Otonashi’s foster dad in Blood+) or that he still keeping secrets from Saya, most especially with regards to her origins. Considering his voice actor’s role as the dad who later ends up dead (like the characters that he played before such as Fr. Fujimoto of Ao no Exorcist and Maes Hughes of FMA), there might be a possibility that Tadayoshi may have the same fate as well and it could really blow Saya off.

Anyway, there are still some other questions like Saya’s classmates. Yeah, I could imagine that they may not just be the typical Muggles who have no idea of Saya’s work at night. But I imagine the scenario if they found out about it and they may pull what Kai did in Blood+ that “Saya is not a killer!” stuff. So, the next episode may drop the usual pattern as they mentioned that Kisaragis’ secret will be revealed maybe or maybe not to Saya’s classmates but also to the viewers.