So, I thought that this episode will deal about Kotetsu, losing his powers as he faces Lunatic again. But again, it caught me by surprise…

No, Barnaby, that guy is pedophile.

Before that, we learn that Mr. Maverick is Bunny’s foster dad after his parents were killed. He is also friends with them and usually takes care of Bunny when they’re at work. You could see that Mr. Maverick is a very good dad to Bunny and he even arranges him to become a Hero so that he could avenge his parents. Now, Bunny wants to repay his kindness by continuing his Hero duties and protecting the Hero dream. Yes, Mr. Maverick is like a Hero to Bunny which brings me into suspicion that he’s too perfect to be the good guy.

Story of my life: It sucks

It turns out that Mr. Legend is actually Lunatic/Yuri’s dad. O_O In fact, Yuri looks up to him. And that after losing his powers, Legend became an alcoholic and abusive husband. And at one point when Legend is abusing his wife, Yuri kills him with his flame powers…..Shit……This is so sad….And now, Yuri’s mom hates her son for killing his own dad….Man, Yuri’s life is so messed up….More messed up than Bunny and not to mention, being tormented by his dad’s ghost for his vigilante actions….This feeling really reminds me of Homura’s past in Madoka Magica.

What’s really more messed up is that Kotetsu is having a hard time dealing with his degrading of powers. His old boss, Ben, informs him that Legend was also in the same state as he is and that his company is helping him stay on top. Now, Kotetsu feels that he might not continue his work as a Hero. So, what he will do then?

Feeling lucky, punk?

Confront a serial killer known as “The Lady Killer” whose victims are prostitutes. So, Tiger faces him but eventually, loses his powers. As a result, he is defeated while Bunny takes the glory in another mission which he is supposed to join in. So, what happened to that serial killer? Got torched by Lunatic obviously.

The most heartbreaking scene ever T_T

NEXT episode? Kotetsu visits his old house and we’ll get to see his late wife. Goddamn, Sunrise, you guys are brilliant and at the same time, sadistic! And srsly, I hope Bunny helps him. Oh fuck it, this episode is so depressing. Please, Sunrise, I want a happy ending for Kotetsu and Yuri T_T.