I noticed that the manga only has 26 chapters and counting and since this episode covers another manga chapter, I don’t know how will the future episodes be. But I like this episode better than the manga chapter.

Rin and his buddies went on a camping trip. It’s really nice that Rin gets to experience more fun with other people unlike before where he’s an outcast due to his demonic strength. Also, it’s very funny to see Renzou’s fear of bugs. I applauded Kouji Yusa’s role for this despite your other role in Tiger&Bunny which made me depressed.

Whoever drew this (not Bon) is really good

I like also Konekomaru’s quick planning here along with Bon. I laughed when Bon is drawing his explanation on how to get the peg lantern demon on the other side while chanting to keep the demon to rest. What about the teachers? Shura is also funny though I don’t like the shot of her boobs. Yeah, male viewers want that. And Yukio? He’s funny in this episode too most especially when a drunk Shura threw an empty beer can at him and he went on his “nasty” side.

Bad side for Rin: Using blue flames unconsciously

The next episode is going to be the big one and this will not go well for Rin and his friends. It’s very obvious in the preview.