Now with episode 3, we don’t know what Blood-C is all about. Until now, there’s no main antagonist, there’s no conflict or dilemma for Saya and no explanation on Saya’s nature.  I guess most people are already dropping this and I’m about to lose faith on this series. But what if this is all just an experiment?

I read a couple of posts from animesuki starting with hanashi’s post. This is what he/she said:

Is it just me, or is this starting to seem like a giant experiment? I mean, think about it–there are so many possible controlled variables. The town’s population is really quite small, Saya eats food from the same places (There’s only one of everything, right? Even in a small town, that seems odd to me), she doesn’t have a TV/radio/computer… And of course, there’s the voice in the monologue asking what shapes a person, what makes them who they are, as though they’re recording notes for an operation or an experiment. Maybe they’re experimenting on Saya to see if they can remove the bloodlust/instincts from the furukimono?

Yeah, this is indeed very suspicious. Not to mention that  Saya’s teacher is a former researcher (of Black Mesa or Apeture Science, jk). Triple_R also said his point:

Like others here, I do get a definite Truman Show (kudos to Kanon) meets carefully controlled science experiment vibe here.

There’s some person, or some organization, carefully and meticulously controlling this town (largely if not entirely from behind the scenes), and doing so for reasons that all go back to Saya. She’s the almost constant focal point of attention here, even beyond what you would expect for the lead protagonist. The people around Saya seem almost a bit too nice to her, a bit too preoccupied in ensuring that she’s happy and content.

Going beyond that, I now think that Saya does have a bit of a split personality going on, and that it probably goes back to how she’s being carefully controlled and managed here.

Like others, what I found telling is how Saya never even tried, really, to save that poor guy. She never even demonstrated any remorse over his gruesome demise. That seems wildly out of character for Saya given her “daytime” characterization. When you combine that with the haunting philosophical narration at the end of the episode, I think that’s very telling.

To put it simply, I think that something clicks in Saya when she goes into elder bairn hunting mode. Her normal personality is somehow ‘turned off’ and she turns into a pure predator, narrowly focused on eliminating the elder bairn of the moment and nothing else.

I think this may be why these brutal nightly battles is having no psychological impact on Saya during her daylight hours: Part of her isn’t quite ‘there’ when she’s engaged in those fights.

Perhaps this is all an experiment to create the perfect killing machine, or the perfect assassin? Someone that not only seems perfectly peaceful, shy, and unassuming but actually is that, yet becomes a ruthlessly efficient predator when something is triggered in their mind?

Just a thought.

She’s having the time of her life

I’m surprised that Saya let the town’s baker die. Idk. Saya has the duty to protect people but this is a different scenario. So, are we seeing another side of Saya? Is it possible that the village is actually a experiment site to test Saya’s abilities and shape her into a killer? Is it that her dad, her classmates and her neighbor might be on to this? Or maybe because I played Portal (and its sequel, Portal 2) too much. Damn you, GLADoS!

Let me share my sentiments on Blood-C which seem to have the same pacing as Senkou no Night Raid and Mouryou no Hako. Yes, both were different stories and under different studios, different directors and different writers. In Night Raid episode 3, we did get a glimpse on who the main antagonist is (Yukina’s brother, Isao). Then, on episode 6, we get a glimpse on what he’s up to. And later after episode 7 (which is about the controversial Mukden Incident), we’re finally see the real story. Mouryou no Hako started with 2 girls who were eventually involved in the murder case in 4 episodes. Then, the real main character shows up in episode 5 and then the middle episodes were used for 3 guys who were discussing about demons while sitting down. And the later episodes, the action started. Blood-C might go on the same direction as these two shows.

So, yeah. I think in order to appreciate this show, we really need to be patient and more careful in making observations. Who knows? Probably in the second half of the show, we’ll get to see what’s going on and then, we may realize that we’ve been trolled. This is  CLAMP obviously. They made it look like fluff on the outside but they made it darker on the inside. I think episode 4 might fool us later with just fluff but come on, remember Madoka Magica? The cake is a lie!