After last week’s depressing episode, this recent episode lightens up the mood….

Before we move on with the story, I still don’t get about Kotetsu’s hometown. It looked like an average American town to me since Stenbild is located in the US. But what’s Kotetsu’s old house being Japanese-style? And also a Japanese shrine? Weird…

So, Kotetsu goes to his hometown after getting permission from his boss. We get to meet his family such as his older brother who is working as a liquor store owner and his mom who we already have seen in the 1st episode. And of course, Kaede, who is already 10 years old thanks to the 10 month skip between episode 13 and 14.

But Kotetsu is having trouble connecting with Kaede, who is apparently angry at him . It’s understandable why she acted like that on her dad. It’s revealed that she just wanted her dad to be around ever since her mom, Tomoe., died. But since Kotetsu is busy doing Hero duties and unable to fulfill her promises, her relationship with her dad is strained. So, she only looks up to her grandmother, who is taking care of her since.

I mistook Tomoe as Jintan’s mom

For Kotetsu, the problem about him is his way of handling problems. He keeps it to himself. This could be problem again if Bunny finds out about his declining powers. Anyway, we get to learn that he promises Tomoe that he’ll be a Hero always. Sadly, she dies when Kotetsu is busy with his Hero persona. Now, in his current state, Kotetsu feels bad that he couldn’t live up to that promise. Until something bad happened to Kaede.

Wild Tiger in his old suit!

To cut it short, a storm came and Kaede is trapped in a shrine. Kotetsu uses his powers and saves her. Though he became powered down after that. Then, his relationship with Kaede is restored in which he promises to her that he’ll spend time with her after he gives his resignation letter. More surprisingly, Kaede happens to have NEXT abilities too.


Anyway, I don’t think Kotetsu will be retiring right away. 8 episodes left there are still a lot of things to deal with such as Ouroboros (with Kriem waking up in the preview) and Lunatic. Probably, Kotetsu will fully lose his abilities in the final episode after he helps Bunny and co. defeat the final bad boss (whoever that will be).