All this friendship with Rin and co. will end (for a while)

Yeah, we’re all buddies until…

After dealing with the moth monster, Rin and co. headed back to the camp until Amaimon shows up to fight Rin again.

…this guy came along

This is going to be difficult for Rin since he can’t fight in front of his classmates most especially to Bon, who has a grudge on Satan. But when Amaimon abducted Shiemi and pummeled Bon, Konekomaru and Renzou, Rin has no choice but to unsheathe his sword and reveal his blue flames.

Now, the secret is out

This is one of the best fights ever. But there are some changes. Rin’s sword slowly cracks which is not present in the manga. Also, Mephisto didn’t intervene the battle between his brothers. Instead, he locks Amaimon in a cuckoo clock and then, Rin destroys it in which Mephisto realized that he’s going out of control with his blue flames.

…aaaand it got nasty

Now, what’s more important is the next episode. Yeah, we’ll see Arthur Auguste Angel but other than that, Bon and co.’s reaction on Rin’s blue flames. I think it’s already obvious on what will be Bon’s reaction. And I think  that crack on Rin’s sword may indicate that we’re going to have another filler.