Since LJ is having problems recently, I made an account in dreamwidth which is very similar to LJ but it sucks IMO. Probably, if LJ continues to have problems, I might as well continue my wordpress account. Anyway, episode 4 is showing something new this time. Bet you haters out there better shut the fuck up now if you keep whining on the “repetitive” cycle.

Something is troubling Saya since the last fight where the monster spoke “Honor thy covenant” when she gave the last blow and letting the baker die in a cruel and horrible way. Tadayoshi noticed it and asks if she’s okay. Saya puts her happy-go-luck persona and says she’s all right. Later, she continues singing again which irritates the haters. Come on, singing is her way to cope with stress. It’s not like Nana Mizuki is promoting her new single. Or is it?

Her sexy legs are breaking his nuts XD
So, at school, Saya’s classmates were wondering about the baker’s fate. Saya has visions of a katana and then, she saw the dog which her classmates didn’t see. So, she chased it up to the tree (wait, can dogs climb trees?) and then, she falls down until Tokizane catches her…..in….a….very…painful….way……

Look, a Mokona!

Then, the two had lunch in which Saya shares hers to Tokizane. i noticed that there’s a Mokona in it XD Srsly, CLAMP, enough with the Easter eggs. Then, Saya fangirls about Fumito which made Tokizane confused if she liked him because he’s kind and cooks lunch for her.

Cafe owner by day, creepy narrator by night

Later, Saya goes to Fumito about Tokizane’s attitude. Fumito starts to go creepy by touching her face in a creepy manner and tells her to talk to him if she has problems. I was wondering what’s inside the gumauve since Saya took a bite, she got another vision of a katana.

Caution: don’t watch this show while eating meat

Then, Saya goes into another mission in which a bird-like bairns attack 3 fishermen. One of them got eaten alive. And it’s very gruesome since they show the bairns and its mooks ripping the the guy in half. Also, the 2 remaining fishermen stay there in one distance. Srsly, if someone tells you to run when bad things happened, JUST RUN! DON’T JUST SIT THERE! JUST RUN LIKE HELL!

But it’s too late as the another guy got eaten by the monster. Saya got hit on the back by acid and goes unconscious. When she wakes up, she attacks the monster again in which it spoke. It asks if she is one who is hunting them. It also told her that they are the same and that the ones below always perform the will of those above. It also told her again to honor the covenant and it’s Shrovetide. Then, Saya had another vision of a girl with braids, killing the monster. Hmm…that girl looks familiar. Could it be the original Saya of Blood: Last Vampire?

Remember the days of Vietnam

After that, Saya’s eyes go red and kills the monsters. She checks the third fisherman but he’s already dead. So, she goes home, depressed. Tadayoshi checks up on her to see if she’s all right. Saya tells her about the covenant thing which made Tadayoshi worried. So, it confirms my suspicion that her dad is not telling her something….Then, Saya comes to class late but her teacher doesn’t mind and comments that it’s a beautiful day and nothing happens. Again, the teacher is creepy…

Mission failed again

This episode is getting better. A lot of mysteries showed up such as the bairns talking and Tadayoshi, becoming worried of Saya. And Fumito’s creepiness and srsly, what’s in that gumauve anyway? And what made Saya like it so much? Also, does this show established a connection between Blood: Last Vampire movie? I know Blood+ and Blood-C aren’t connected but the original may be connected to this show.