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Currently, I’m watching 6 Summer shows. I’m going to drop Blade because I’m not a fan of the character. I did see the Blade movies but I got bored and that was years ago. Even though he did visit Philippines and a lot of Filipino folklore references are there, I’m still not interested. What I only like about him is being a meme for killing Edward Cullen XD. Speaking to vampires, I’m watching 2 vampire-related shows: Blood-C and Nyanpire.

  • Blood-C- Everyone was hyped about this since it’s by CLAMP and it’s under the Blood franchise, who are both in charge of the character designs and script. But after 4 episodes, most viewers got pissed because they claimed that they’re seeing the same thing over and over again and it’s boring and cliched. I think if you really want to appreciate the show, you gotta look at the details carefully not just watch “for the sake of the plot/action”. The village and people around Saya showed a lot of mystery and suspicion in it. Plus, it foreshadows a connection from Blood: Last Vampire movie.
  • Nyanpire- Gonzo got back in the game with a new anime. It’s about the adventures of a cute black cat who turned into a vampire. Only it’s 5 minutes long and it’s fairly a kids show. Kids show, huh? How come I’m seeing some BL vibes here? XD This cute and innocent show has a deeper message in it XD. Good one, Gonzo, welcome back to the show! Only thing that irks me is the live-action ED which is 2 minutes long. And goddamnit, the song is stuck in my head and I can’t help it but the video reminds me of Girls Generation’s music video!