Now, part 2 of my 1st impressions of Summer 2011 anime. Asides from Blood-C, 2 shows made my Friday complete: No. 6 and Mawaru Penguidrum.

  • No.6- another noitamina anime which tells about 2 guys in a dystorian city. I know there are a lot of people who got turned off because of the BL vibes (like in the 1st episode where the younger versions of the 2 protagonists holding hands). 5camp made a point about viewers (most especially the male viewers) who were turned off because of two boys holding hands. Guess this shows that most anime viewers are a bunch of narrow-minded idiots. Plus, the original material (which is a novel) in not even listed as BL. It’s sci-fi.
  • Mawaru Penguindrum- character design is by BL mangaka, Lily Hoshino and directed by the guy who did Sailor Moon. So, yeah, I didn’t expect this show but wow, I really blew me off. It’s about 2 guys who are looking for the Penguindrum so that they can keep their dead little sister alive. This show is so funny with all the cute penguins. But the penguins were useless except for household chores. Also the girl that the brothers are following because she has the Penguindrum is annoying.