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Now, part 3 of my 1st impressions of Summer 2011 anime.

  • Sacred Seven- Unlike Tiger&Bunny which I became an instant fan of it, Sacred Seven is not. It does remind me of some tokusatsu shows (like Kamen Rider) but I’m not a fan of tokusatsu shows even though I watched Power Rangers before. That’s years ago so I grew out of it. The character designs are so Code Geass and the male protagonist, Arma, looked the love child of Lelouch and Suzaku XD Plus, this guy is very uninteresting. I’m not expecting him to be like Naruto or any generic shounen hero. But this guy is some emo and I think he’s just another version of Shinji Ikari. But I’ll just watch this because the butler is cute and I’m big fan of Ruri’s seiyuu who is half-Filipino. It’s been a while after her debut in Macross Frontier.

  • Dantalian no Shoka- some people say that it got the vibes of Gosick (which i’m planning to watch) and I love detective and mystery genres. So, this completes my Summer anime. The 2 main characters are well-loved. I like the partnership between Huey and Dalian because they respect each other as equals. And Huey is very badass here. Dalian is all right even though she has some tsundere vibes which are not annoying IMO.

So, 6 Summer shows along with Tiger&Bunny and Ao no Exorcist. Currently, I’m finishing Antique Bakery and probably, I’ll try to pick up Bartender. I’m rewatching Night Raid 1931 in dub just to see how well the dubs go. Fall 2011 Anime Chart is out and I had my picks on Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon, 2 noitamina shows (UN-GO and Guilty Crown), Persona 4 and Fate/Zero. Asides from the new Hunter x Hunter anime, there’s the new Rurouni Kenshin project. Code Geass Gaiden will probably be aired next year if the rumors are correct.