Now, we’re back with some serious business. A lot of things happened in this episode…

It’s like looking at your college yearbook

We’ll first talk about Tiger, who is preparing for his retirement as he promised to his family that he’ll come back home. However, he has to tell Bunny about his retirement….when everything is in the right mood.

Why? Bunny learns that Jake is not the killer of his parents. And when Tiger reviewed the footage of their past battle with Jake to see if he has the Ouroboros tattoo on  his right hand, Bunny saw that he doesn’t have it. And now, something went wrong with his memories…which means that the fan speculation of Bunny being a cyborg or robot is continuing to grow.

In my opinion, that could be the case. But I really think the Bunny might be a normal NEXT being who’s being brainwashed in not knowing his parents’ killer. I know clues of Bunny being a cyborg are lying around (like his parents being robotic engineers and introducing Cis as a cyborg stronger than a NEXT) but I don’t want another “Roger Smith is a tomato or a robot”. Yeah, the director would possibly pull this twist from his past work. But that would be lame.

Anyway, because of this revelation, Bunny goes emo and Tiger, being his partner, tries to help him. But he has another problem which is his daughter, Kaede, who is now having problems with her NEXT abilities. It turns out that her ability is to copy other NEXT’s abilities. This reminded me of Peter Petrelli of the now defunct TV series, Heroes, who copies other people’s abilities. But I don’t want Kaede to be like him. That kind of power is pretty dangerous and if not used in the right way, she could end up hurting herself and other people.

That's it! I'm going to Stenbild

Again, Tiger has to break his promise to Kaede so that he could help Bunny. Kaede again got irritated on her dad. If Tiger tells her about his Hero identity and his partner, that could change everything. That way, Kaede will understand the difficulties of being a Hero and learn how to control her abilities. I had a feeling that Kaede might be coming to Stenbild soon and eventually, learn her dad’s job.

And, we got to learn Kriem’s past which is very sad. She’s being outcast by other people including her parents. When Jake kidnapped her, her parents didn’t bother to pay for her ransom. And eventually, Kriem develop Stockholm Syndrome after Jake tells her that she’s more superior than normal human beings. Bigger twist is that her kidnapping occurred on the same day when Bunny’s parents were killed, which proves that Jake is not the killer. Also, Kriem revealed that she and Jake are not the only ones in Ouroboros in which there are still those who are more powerful than them.

I trolled you, Bunny!

Well, 7 episodes left and I was still wondering how will everything be wrapped up. Asides from Ouroboros, we still got Lunatic, Tiger’s dwindling powers and Mr. Legend’s past. And will we ever get a Rock Bison episode?

*presses the NO button*

Up NEXT: Tiger and Bunny having quality time and Kaede, please come to Stenbild.