By the looks of this episode, we might be heading for an anime original. Warning: The following paragraphs contain spoilers for anime-only viewers.

The Power of Love much?

But it retains some of the manga material such as the trial of the Vatican in which Mephisto explains that he’s training Rin to be a weapon against Satan and Arthur Augusto Angel, the new Paladin, revealing his suspicions on Mephisto’s motives. Actually, Angel is an asshole in the manga in which he chopped off Rin’s foot. But here, not really.

Also from the manga, Yukio explains to Rin’s classmates about his brother’s origin as Satan’s son. But the part of fixing his sword is not part of the manga. Also, Bon and co.’s reactions are different here except for Konekomaru. In the manga, they felt betrayed and scared when they learned that Rin is Satan’s son and it took a long period for them to accept and get along with Rin. Too bad that we didn’t hear Bon’s line, “Why the hell is Satan’ son here?” here since it brought an impact to Rin. This really contradicts Bon’s character in which he had a grudge on Satan for destroying the temple.

In this episode, they seem to accept it except for Konekomaru. Oh the female swordsmith who is Bon’s childhood friend? Definitely an anime-only character. Also, the part of Bon and co. searching for the materials is anime original.

Also in the manga, Rin is fully conscious in the trial and even gives a badass speech that he will became the most powerful Paladin ever to kick Satan’s ass. There’s also Angel cutting his foot. But here in this episode, he’s locked inside a crystal. And later, Amaimon comes in with a counterattack.

In the preview, it looks like we’re back to the manga original but I’m worried on the future episodes. Probably this show will go on the same direction as the 1st FMA.