‘sup, haters. Looks like your prayers have been answered because Saya is not singing today.

After the last battle, Saya’s head began to hurt whenever she has flashes (such as a katana, red blood cells). I think that dog (or fox, since it looked like one) is not an ordinary one. But later on that. Now, she is wondering about this “covenant” that Elder Bairns kept talking about. The one-eyed Elder Bairns who is in a human form, told her that it’s a covenant between humans and the Elder Bairns.

Bullseye! But that's pretty gross.

Back in school, since it’s raining, the twins want to tell ghost stories. The teacher brought a very interesting one which is actually related to Saya’s mission. This pretty much confirms that the teacher actually knows about her. But then, Saya fainted as she receive flashbacks again. The flashbacks looked very similar to Blood: the Last Vampire. Luckily, Tokizane caught her. I’m sure that Tokizane also knew about Saya’s mission and I’m sure that he cares about her well-being.

The next day, Nene visited Saya in the shrine. I admit that I’m bit confused on which twin is Nene or Nono. I think Nene is the one who got excited about the teacher, telling the ghost story while Nono is the worried one. But then, another Elder Bairns appeared behind Nene. Saya saves her and now, the cliffhanger……..aarrgghh!

But the preview is more interesting and srsly, why the hell do you have to play happy music when people are getting killed? Anyway, it shows that one of the twins is upset at Saya and the Elder Bairns finally came out in broad daylight, attacking people.

It's Megatron! Oh, wait...wrong show

Finally, things are progressing. Though, I think this should be episode 3 while episode 4 should be episode 2. I guess this show isn’t for everyone since you really need a lot of patience to do so.