Thank you, Limp Bizkit, for remembering that song again.

All right, Bunny. Stop listening to that Limp Bizkit song

So, Bunny is going emo as he can’t remember the face of his parents’ murderer. Tiger, being the dad and all, tells him to retrace his steps the day when his parents were murdered. Again, it’s Christmas which is too early.

Hey, are you touching what I think you're touching?!

Bunny remembers that he went ice skating with Maverick, who bought him a Santa hat. He also remembers his picture taken behind the Christmas tree. Then, Tiger buys him a pin which looks exactly like the NC 1978 emblem that was featured in the first ending. It seems that it might have something important later on.

Haha, Tiger riding a tiger!

Later, Bunny breaks down as he still doesn’t remember the murderer’s face. Realizing that his partner couldn’t take it anymore, Tiger decided to help Bunny until it ends, which again delays his time for Kaede. When Bunny fainted and lies in the clinic, Tiger calls his mom while riding a….wait for it……………tiger! XD XD But it’s frustrating as Kaede no longer believes that her dad will come home.

Bunny bitchslap!

Also, Bunny overheard the conversation and this is getting more frustrating. Srsly, Tiger, why won’t you just tell Bunny that your powers are slowly disappearing?! Very, very frustrating! But, at least, Tiger slapped Bunny for being a dick.

Oh man, why did I do that?

So, they went on their separate ways: Bunny, going to Maverick for help and Tiger, going to the usual bar. Later, Bunny’s maid, Samantha, called and told him what she remembered on that day when his parents were killed. Then, it revealed that Samantha is the one who accompanied Bunny on that day, thanks to the picture that they took.

Kyuubey evolves into an old guy who can change memories

Maverick is actually the murderer all along. The reason? The Brooks found out that Maverick is supplying their technology to Ouroborus just to make the ratings of Hero TV high. And it’s also revealed that Maverick is a NEXT who can manipulate memories. It does explains Bunny’s memories being misplaced. And now, Maverick is going to mind rape Bunny. *GASP!* TIGER, SAVE HIM!!!


6 episodes left. I think there’s really going to be a second season. Seeing how the BD/DVD sales got well so far, I’ve excited how this series went over the top. Probably, this show will be the best anime this year, topping Madoka Magica. But we’ll just see for the other upcoming fall shows.