Middleisland will be releasing their best vocal album, “Self Cover Best- M” which features the new arrangements and recording of their old songs from 2006-2008.

onoken will be releasing his 2nd original album called “Blue Orb” featuring Aki Misawa, b, Sara and Eve Evans.

And, Puella Magi Madoka Magica is joining the doujin music craze. Hope the artists and circle won’t get a copyright violation.

This is probably the 1st Madoka Magica doujin CD. It’s called “Utanoha-Puella Magi Fortunae Magica”.

Visual Music Station is also releasing a Madoka Magica doujin CD entitled “Agedum Puella Magica”, featuring Chata Sakura Fumi and ‘ciel. They also feature their own cover of the Yuki Kajiura’s original OST of the show.

Voltage of Imagination released a  PV for Kusoh Katsugeki 2.