This episode changes everything. It seems we’re going to the same direction like the 1st FMA.

Anyway, Amaimon charges in the courtroom to defeat Rin. Bon and co. show up and gave Rin his sword. Rin kills Amaimon and then he faints. Okay, killing Amaimon off already? That already has gone too far. Just after Rin fainted, the staff should at least let Rin give out his badass Paladin speech. But nah..

Wait, I can't die yet. I'm still alive in the manga

Anyway, the Grigori council decided to take Mephisto’s gamble in using Rin as a weapon against Satan. They gave Mephisto a condition that if Rin goes berserk again, he must be killed. Now that Rin is already conscious, I must say that Bon and co.’s reactions were less harsh. Shiemi seems to be fine about it unlike her manga counterpart. Izumo and Renzo are still the same as their manga counterpart where in they gradually accept  Rin’s revelation. Konekomaru also is the same in which he’s afraid on him. But Bon’s reaction is problematic here. He’s the most emotional of all when it comes to Rin being Satan’s son. But in this show, his reaction slightly tones down in which he blames the blue flames rather than Rin’s revelation.This really contradicts his character development in the manga because his reaction to Rin as Satan’s son is tied to his daddy issues in the manga.

Uh, Rin, didn't dad told you not to play with fire?

But at least, the staff keep some parts of the manga which is Rin’s training with Yukio and Shura. Most especially the part where Rin accidentally burned off Yukio’s and Shura’s clothes, leaving them in their underwear XD Anyway, they also included Izumo’s pep talk to Rin that he shouldn’t feel bad for being Satan’s son as there were other people (and some exorcists) who are demon half-breeds. Except that the setting of their conversation is different.

Anyway, the next episode will be an anime original though I had a feeling that they might include some manga material which is Bon’s past. 8 episodes left. I think there’s not enough manga material since the Kyoto arc is still ongoing. But we’ll see.