Remember those Hollywood movies where the main character got accused for a crime he/she didn’t commit and now, was hunted down by the authorities? Well, it already happened right here. Ever since the T&B fandom speculated what’s going to happen next, our predictions came true.

Picking up from where the last episode left off, Maverick successfully altered Bunny’s memories. Meanwhile, the other Heroes were worried that Bunny didn’t show up since he has a dinner show tonight. Kotetsu comes in and everybody asks him about Bunny. Kotetsu can’t answer them since Maverick called and told him to come to his office.

So, does this coffee have Morning Rescue in it?

Like what he did to Bunny, Maverick places a drug on Kotetsu’s coffee. Apparently, Kotetsu didn’t drink it right away because there are distractions like the pin on the floor and Samantha’s call. Srsly, I thought Kotetsu will figure out that the pin is from Bunny. Geez. Anyway, when Kotetsu is going to Samantha, a bombing occurred in a mall. With no other choice, Tiger has to go there and save people. But this is indeed set up by Maverick so that he can have his mooks abduct Samantha.

Maverick: "Now, time for mass mindraping! Bwahahaha"

Meanwhile, Bunny wakes up in Maverick’s vacation house. Then, Tiger found his pin in his car and realized that the pin in Maverick’s office belongs to Bunny. So, he contacts Maverick and tells him about the pin and the possibility about Bunny being missing. While Tiger goes to his house, Maverick comes up with another plan in which he erases Bunny’s memories about Kotetsu. Later in the dinner show, he drugs all the Heroes and the HERO TV people in which he alters their memories of Wild Tiger’s real identity. Then, he burns the last evidence (the photo) in front on Samantha and orders his mooks to kill her.

Crime: Stealing a hat

The next day, Tiger goes to his work place. But then, no one in his workplace recognize who he is even though he puts his mask on. Then, the shit happens. The news broadcast shows Kotetsu, being accused for the death of Samantha. And now, he’s on the run with his Hero buddies after him. Even Bunny believes that Kotetsu’s responsible but still don’t know that he is Tiger.

Yo, drop the hat, buddy!

Apparently, Maverick only erases Wild Tiger’s real identity and the people whom he erased, believed that “Tiger” is out there somewhere. So, the only people still know that Wild Tiger is Kotetsu are his mom and his brother, his old boss, Ben, and Yuri. And now, Kaede knows except that she knows that her dad is now a wanted man! Gah, fuck you, Maverick, you douchebag!

Good thing I have my daily dose of Morning Rescue

I think the next episode is really going to be hard to watch as the Heroes hunt Kotetsu down. This really reminds me of that Angelina Jolie movie, Salt. I hope Lunatic shows up since he’s not at the dinner show during that time, knows Kotetsu is Wild Tiger (he’s a judge and charges him with fines) and that he is not the type of person who can kill people. I think I’ll name my next T&B post, “The Tiger Supremacy” XD