Now, we got another filler episode but it’s a really good one because it focuses on Konekomaru.  This filler episode’s way better than the first two filler episodes which sucked.

Mephisto warns the students that a demon named Gale entered the school even though there were barriers set up. So, he requests them to check all the barriers. Apparently, Konekomaru isn’t with them because he is abducted by Gale. The demon manipulates Konekomaru into killing Rin since he knows that he has problems with him such as his parents’ death during the Blue Night.

A big misunderstanding was created when Rin with blue flames was trying to get rid the demon possessing Konekomaru which forces Bon to punch him. I suppose Rin should tell Bon that Gale is possessing his best friend. But, of course, this is a shounen show in which the hero usually doesn’t give a direct answer.

Meanwhile, Shura and the other teacher (I forgot his name) find a van which has a portal to an Arctic location where Shura finds a ruined lab. Later, Bon stays beside Konekomaru who is having doubts on Rin. Bon tells him that he doesn’t like how Rin does things on his own and just asks them to trust him. It seems that Bon doesn’t have any problems for Rin being Satan’s son. But that kind of response is still a problem for his characterization.

Then, Gale keeps on persuading Konekomaru to kill Rin and later, the demon completely possesses him and attacks Rin. While Bon tries to bring Konekomaru back to his senses, Rin voices out his reasons that he shouldn’t be afraid of him and that him being Satan’s son is not his choice. In short, Rin saves Konekomaru and kills Gale and Konekomaru forgives him.

After that, Shura reports to Mephisto about what she found on the other side. She reveals that there’s a ruined lab which used to be a research center for artificial life. Mephisto seems interested about this and requests to have it investigated. BTW, it seems that Mephisto has a green hamster…..with a horn….try to guess who that it. The next day, Bon and co. visited Konekomaru but he isn’t around. It turns out that Konekomaru is going to leave the school but Rin finds him. Pretty much their conversation is from the manga which is a good thing.

Well, I really like this filler episode. It brings out Konekomaru into the spotlight since he doesn’t have much scenes in the manga. It’s pretty emotional there but at least, Rin and Konekomaru had resolved their issues between each other. The next episode will focus on Renzou but I doubt that it’s a serious one since I think Renzou is trying to pull a Barney Stinson act and it looks like Paku will show up.