I bet those haters out there would really have a heart attack right now because it’s happened! You got not only one but TWO  main characters who died. IN. THE. MOST. EXCRUCIATING. WAY. THAT. I’VE. EVER. SEEN. THIS SHIT REALLY HIT THE FRIGGIN’ FAN OUT THERE! So, yeah, let the blood fest begin!

She's following Mami's footsteps

But those censors are friggin’ annoying. Well, at least, we hear the monster chomping Nene’s head. The BDs/DVDs will show the uncensored version. After the battle which resulted to Mami Nene’s beheading, Tadayoshi tells Saya to rest. Some of my suspicions were confirmed that he’s doing something to Saya. It seems that he didn’t want Saya to grieve for her dead friend and he somewhat uses hypnosis or a sedative to make her sleep.

She looks beautiful with her hair down

Anyway, Fumito visits Saya and brings her coffee and food. This guy is really suspicious here. Look into his eye as he watch Saya drink the coffee. Very suspicious indeed. Then, he even said to her that she’s important to him. Can’t help that this guy is really suspicious enough.

The next day, Tadayoshi gives Saya her sword in case another Elder Bairn attacks. I find it weird that no one in school comments about her bringing a long sword to class. But classes stop short when the teacher announces the mysterious disappearances in which Nene is one of them Well, Saya knows what had happened to Nene and the rest. But question is what happened to the bodies? Is there a clean-up crew out there disposing all the evidence? I’m sure that Tadayoshi is part of this clean-up crew otherwise, why would you have bodies of a monster and a high school girl lying in your home?

Because of these incidents, school is suspended. Saya goes home and finds the dog again. And whoa, the dog talks! Then, Nono approaches Saya. Saya mistook Nono as Nene but Nono tells how did she know that she’s not her twin sister. She even demanded Nene’s whereabouts. But then, her shadow starts to attack Saya and two women behind Nono. And Nono didn’t even noticed it. Again, censors! That’s lame.

Anyway, the shadow monster starts attack the townpeople. Saya can’t land a hit because it got Nono. The battle is indeed hard for her but she manages to kill the monster. However, Nono is already dead as her body parts were scattered. The dog saw the battle and even said “Saya, wake up.”

Man, this is indeed a blast. And the dog, I’m pretty sure that is Tokizane. I don’t know yet what he means “wake up” but I guess that he wants Saya to remember her past and origins. It seems that the next episode, Tadayoshi is trying to hide something from Saya and the dog keeps questioning her.