Man, this episode gets better and better. The 1st half is really hard to watch. But the 2nd half became…..lighter. Some of the speculations also came true except for the Tiger & Lunatic team-up.

Kotetsu became Spiderman's fan

Kotetsu is now on a run as a fugitive and all his Hero buddies are after him. Though the Heroes pull off the best moves they got, it really painful to see them fighting against Kotetsu. But Kotetsu is awesome here. Swinging buildings like Spiderman XD Origami is also funny here too. I didn’t know that he could also transform into an object. XD Anyway, Kotetsu spends most of his time explaining to the Heroes his innocence and his identity as Wild Tiger and running away from them when they don’t remember. He almost let Blue Rose remember who he is, thanks to the towel, but someone ruins the moment…

He got out from auditioning in a Daft Punk music video

I had a feeling that this darker version of “Wild Tiger” is an android produced under Maverick’s orders to fill in the real Wild Tiger. Apparently, Kotetsu is pissed about this and I find it awesome that he throws Robo Tiger on the ground without the use of powers.

My hero

Anyway, I’m thankful that Lunatic/Yuri arrived to save Kotetsu. Obviously, he knows that Kotetsu is Wild Tiger and that he’s innocent. Heck, he even found out that he can’t access Wild Tiger’s files even though he’s the judge. Too bad that we might not get to see the Tiger&Lunatic team-up since Lunatic wants Kotetsu to solve this by himself and wants to see how far can Kotetsu’s idea of justice go. But of course, I don’t think that Yuri will just sit down and let it happen. He might intervene anytime soon when things get out of control.

Anyway, I’m also thankful that Kotetsu’s mom told Kaede about Kotetsu, being Wild Tiger. I really like how Kaede’s faith on her dad came back….to the point that she used her savings to go to Sternbild to prove her dad’s innocence and later, bumped into Maverick….Goddamn, Maverick is like a pedo when he pats Kaede on the head! Good thing he didn’t know that she’s Kotetsu’s daughter and that him, patting Kaede could suggest that she must have copy his memory-wiping abilities. Sounds to me that Kaede will play an important role later on.

And lastly, I’m also thankful that Ben Jackson still remembers Kotetsu and gives him his old crappy suit XD Kotetsu also figures out that Maverick is behind this so he wears his crappy suit again and calls out all the Heroes. Wait, what about Bunny? No thanks to Maverick’s manipulative schemes, he’s now vent on revenge against Kotetsu on his new suit. I really don’t like this….I had a feeling it’s going to be Tiger VS. Bunny T_T

I'm awesome

Judging by the preview, I guess the Heroes will start to go suspicious on what’s going on. I don’t know how will their memories get restored on the process. But I suspect that Kotetsu will do “the Power of Love” to let them remember who he is. Or his old suit might be the key in letting them remember who the real Wild Tiger is. For Bunny, this might be difficult. I assume that Maverick did some fine adjustments on the new suit just to make sure he won’t remember Kotetsu. I think the only possible way to have Bunny’s memories restored is to have Kotetsu to call him “Bunny” (not only once but many times) until Bunny screams “My name is not Bunny! It’s Barnaby!”. XD XD