Ever since the split from the manga material, I almost lost my interest on this show. But I’m glad that characters like Konekomaru, Renzou and Izumo get their moment to shine here in this show. This episode is actually the best filler episode in the show where there are no dumb moments here.

Anyway, Renzou is not the main focus. Instead, his fortune-telling prompts Shiemi to make a surprise birthday party for Izumo only she doesn’t know how to make one. So, the boys step in to help where Rin and Konekomaru will make the birthday cake, Renzou and Paku will looking for Izumo’s present while Bon and Shiemi will make the decorations.

She must have learned this from Ringo

There were a lot of good moments here such as Konekomaru, who slowly copes with what had happened to him in the last episode and eventually gets along with Rin, and Izumo, who mistakenly assumes that Renzou and Paku are having a date.

Other funny moments are Rin and Yukio, who don’t know the difference between a birthday cake and a Christmas cake since their birthday happens 2 days after Christmas. But of course, Fr. Fujimoto made this up since….you know….Blue Night….

One last important is Yukio’s black scar which continuing to grow. I guess this will be presented more in the next episode when Yukio receives news that their monastery is under attack. So, now, I’m very clueless on what will happen next.