Srsly, CLAMP really likes to do a lot of crossovers.

After xxxholic, Watanuki became a dog XD

The dog is actually voiced by Jun Fukuyama, who happens to be the voice actor of Watanuki of xxxHolic. So, when the dog mentioned that he had a shop that grants wishes, I had a feeling that this is Watanuki in a dog form. XD Either CLAMP is teasing us, or they just like to do crossovers. Anyway, he’s trying to grant a wish which is related to Saya’s promise.

It seems that Saya made a promise about protecting everyone from the Elder Bairns to someone she can’t remember. There’s a flashback where she’s sitting in a room filled with flasks everywhere and that someone is talking to her about an experiment which they (the two of them) cannot do it alone. Meanwhile, this teacher is starting to creep me. She did knew about the twins’ fate and it seems that she’s teasing Saya about getting a headache.

"I'm supposed to be fighting Date Masamune! Not this high school megane girl with two bushes!"

Anyway, Saya fights another Elder Bairn who looks like a samurai straight out from the Sengoku era XD. So, not only we got a CLAMP crossover but also a Sengoku Basara crossover? XD Where’s Date Masamune? XD So, this samurai happens to know about Saya’s dad and he told her that her dad lied about her origins and her mom. So, I was right. Saya’s dad is keeping his daughter from knowing the truth.

"Uh, are you playing Sengoke Basara?"

After Saya defeated the samurai, Tokizane goes to her and actually saw everything. So, he’s now involved with this big mess. And in the preview, it seems that he wanted to  be with Saya despite the danger that Saya told him about. And I’m pretty sure the dad will start talking now since we now have 5 episodes left. I’m still curious about that dog….